Blue Jays Game Recap: Late Loss to Yankees


The Blue Jays opened the 2015 season with a convincing 6-1 win over the New York Yankees on Monday. With a full day off to reflect, they were back in action on Wednesday. While Monday’s contest was featured in a sunny afternoon game, this game was set in a colder environment. This type of weather has the potential to interfere with the knuckle baller, R.A. Dickey. And, early on it did. But, Dickey was able to settle down and put together a good start. That was about all that was good about this game.

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Game Notes:

Devon Travis

is impressing everyone. He started the scoring with an RBI ground ball in the 3rd inning. He later singled in the 5th. He’s putting together good at bats and is not looking out of place at all. It’s the 2nd game of the year, but if this is what fans can expect, it’ll be a lot of fun to watch him this year.

Toronto Blue Jays
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Toronto Blue Jays

  • The defensive addition of Justin Smoak at first base was nice to see. He looked very good, saving several throws and a key stop in the bottom of the 6th that could have led to a lot of damage by the Yankees. His offensive contributions did not go unnoticed, either. His near home run double helped the rally in the 3rd that led to the first run of the game.
  • Dickey did not give up a run until the 6th inning. At the outset of the game, it looked to be slow going for Dickey. He struggled to find the feel and strike zone with his floater. But, he settled down and ended up throwing a nice start together. His knuckleball even got up to 80 mph.

  • Speaking of the knuckleball, there was absolutely no issues with Russell Martin catching the tricky pitch. In fact, he did not have any more trouble than Josh Thole. So, if there was lingering questions, they seem to be answered.
  • Jose Bautista had a rough night at the plate. He struck out in his first 3 at bats. But, even through a bad outing, he managed to keep his focus and work a walk with one out in the 8th and start a rally that led to a run. He showed his leadership even through what started out as a bad performance.
  • What ended up hurting this team was the managing of the bullpen. This has been a knock on Gibby in the past, but it was evident last night. Bringing in Castro for Dickey was a good call. But, he was used for 2 outs. Now, here’s a kid who has been a starter. He has so much in that arm. It seems a waste to pull him. It was not only a waste, but a mistake. Not sending out Castro again cost the game. Loup came on to start the collapse. Brett Cecil then coughed up the lead. If Castro had been left to electrify the Yankees after the knuckle ball, the outcome of this game may have been much different.
  • Others will also point to the choice of the intentional walk to Mark Teixeira. On the surface, it set up the potential double play in the 8th. It could have worked. Or, it could not have. And, it didn’t. While this may seem like an error in strategy, the bullpen choice was really what cost the game.
  • Grades:

    Dickey got off to a rough start. His control was not as crisp to start the game. But, he was able to settle down and hold the Yankees at bay. His final line of 6.1 innings, 4 hits, a run with 3 walks and 4 strike outs could have ended up much worse. Dickey did a good job of minimizing the damage. It was the kind of start where things feel bad, but you look at the score board and are relieved. So, while the cold very well could have been a factor, Dickey worked well to compensate. This start could be characterized as gritty.. . R.A. Dickey. STARTING PITCHING . A-

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    C. This kid just keeps on chipping in. This game is no exception. He collected 2 hits in the game. Only <strong><a href=. Game Ball. Devon Travis. MANAGING

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