Blue Jays baseball is back with Opening Day 2015


It’s April, but you wouldn’t know it by looking outside. The air is cold, the wind is brisk and in some areas of Canada, the ground is still white. But if there’s one perennial benefit to the calendar flip into the month of April, it’s the game of baseball.

Throughout eternity, through World Wars, economic meltdowns, racial segregation, the prohibition, baseball has been the only constant. It’s been the one thing people can rely on when nothing else seems to go their way. “It reminds us of what was once good, and could be good again.”

As a 20 year-old Jays fan, things haven’t exactly been easy. Gone are the days where Joe Carter was told to, “touch them all,” and in are the frustrating years of perpetual mediocrity. Being a Jays fan has never been easy for those who never saw the Championship come north. We’ve had to endure the feeling of disappointing Roy Halladay and Carlos Delgado. We’ve tarnished the reputations of an endless amount of prospects and at the end of the day, we’ve been dragged through the longest playoff drought in the current MLB (thanks Kansas City).

But at the end of the day, Jays fans are still here. For the most part, they still flood out like herds of cattle to games with the empty promise of, “next year.” But why?

Mostly it’s a chance to cling to something, even if it is superficial. It allows us to escape real world problems and engage in heated debate about just how bad Buck Martinez‘s announcing really is. It’s a forum to sit down and focus on something that’s completely irrelevant to the course of life.

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To a lot of fans, baseball does matter. You can hear it in the endless stream of callers on the Fan590 post-game show with Mike Wilner, begging for the Jays to do something, anything, to bring a championship back to Toronto.

For many Jays fans, this year is next year. A duo of 20 year old kids offer a chance at feeling young again, a man in a van sheds light on a different aspect of baseball and a trio of superstars take aim at hitting the ball to the moon. What’s not to like?

Even if tomorrow isn’t today, the summer of 2015 will still be fun to watch because at the end of the day, it will still be baseball. It will still be the game that transforms grown adults into kids, screaming at their televisions for something more.

Whether it will be the one they are screaming in jubilation remains to be seen. However, this season will share one commonality to all seasons past: When the pitcher takes the mound and the umpire declares “plays ball,” people will most certainly watch.

People will most certainly come.

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