2015 Blue Jays: Reasons to Get Excited!

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Mar 10, 2015; Dunedin, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris (32), relief pitcher Aaron Sanchez (41) and pitcher Drew Hutchison (36) in the dugout against the Minnesota Twins at a spring training game at Florida Auto Exchange Park. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


For years we’ve been hearing about GM Alex Anthopoulos focusing on building a sustainable winner.

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  • In order to do so, he’s spent a lot of time and energy on scouting, drafting and developing his organizational depth. Some of that becomes human capital and nets you stars like Josh Donaldson. But, then the rest of it comes knocking on the door of the Rogers Centre. That is the case this year. And, it is exciting.

    Daniel Norris is slated to be the #3 starter in this year’s rotation. There are those who believe that the spot in the rotation doesn’t really mean anything. But, given that this means he’ll close out the first series of the season does. His fellow rookie, Aaron Sanchez will round out the rotation in the 5th spot. Norris is 21. In fact, he’ll make a few starts before he even turns 22. Sanchez is 22. Heck, even the Opening Day starter, Drew Hutchison is only 24. It is quite exciting to think about the potential that these guys bring and could bring for years to come!

    Mar 25, 2015; Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

    On the other side of the ball, we have the emergence of up the middle talent that could bring stability to their positions that has not been seen around here in a long time. Dalton Pompey and Devon Travis are bringing that stability and excitement. The fact that neither has MLB experience for us to feel incredibly comfortable, they more than make up for it with potential. While they are rookies and will likely have dry spells, there is nothing to indicate they will be a wash or as big a question mark as, say, Ryan Goins was heading into last season. Travis and Pompey can hit. They can get on base. And, they can play defense. Oh, and they can run the bases. What more can you ask for. Like their pitching brethren, they are young, exciting and here for a long time!

    Then we come to the bullpen that hosts 20 year olds Miguel Castro and Roberto Osuna. All we need to do is watch them pitch and we get excited for the future. They’ll ease into the big league experience from the bullpen. But, their future could very well lead them to take the rotation spots that R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle will vacate. Or, they could carve a niche for themselves in the ‘pen. But, for right now, they’ll have the opportunity to light up the radar gun and big league hitters. At 20!

    Again, so as not to appear a homer, one could become a little leery of starting so many youngsters. But, this list is not exactly full of roster lugging, getting their feet wet rookies. No, these kids have shown they’re ready to compete. And, the Blue Jays need all the help they can if they are going to compete for the division title.

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