2015 Blue Jays: Reasons to Get Excited!

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It is hard to believe that months of agonizing and waiting are nearly over. The Toronto Blue Jays are set to begin a series in Montreal and then head to New York for Opening Day 2015. This time of year tends to bring a little bit of excitement. Think back to the energy that circled this team after the “Miami” trade.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays /

Toronto Blue Jays

That year, an army of talent infusion was supposed to take the Blue Jays to the promised land. Obviously, that didn’t work out. It is this kind of disappointment that has the Blue Jays bandwagon filling up and emptying more often than that old truck you used to drive. So, what is there to get excited about for this year? How will it be different?

The offense is going to be the main attraction with this team. Even though there is exciting, young pitching to watch, this team looks set to slug its way into competition. Speaking of young pitching, the excitement of watching young hurlers is going to be higher than in recent memory. With a large portion of the rotation and the bullpen considered “young” (and possibly inexpereinced) we will get the opportunity to see all the hard work put into scouting, drafting,  and developing come to fruition. And, we’ll get to bear witness to this all in the context of a division that appears to be wide open.

So, here we go: 3 reasons to cast aside your skepticism and get excited for the 2015 season!

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