Forecasting the Fisher Cats 2015 Infielders

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Last year’s starting catcher, A.J. Jimenez, will bestarting the season as the Herd’s starting catcher. That means the Derrick Chung and Sean Ochinko will battle for AB’s this season. Unlike Jimenez, neither Chung or Ochinko have appeared on any top prospect list and both are long in the tooth to be considered as prospects.. Ochinko stock’s been stagnant, last year suspension didn’t help, and Chung has pushed his way up the depth charts with his strong 2014 in Dunedin. It’s possible that Jack Murphy and Ochinko swap positions between Buffalo and NH, but I am betting it’s Ochinko that start the year n NH.

Derrick Chung

Chung appeared slightly over matched in his 47 game audition with the Fisher Cats in 2014.  His K% decreased from 10.0% to 7.7% from Dunedin to NH. He also walk three times less in NH, from 9.5% to 3.3%. Chung is still relatively new behind the plate and has shown promise as a defender…good blocker and strong arm. With A.J. Jimenez in Buffalo, Chung will spend the year in NH.

Sean Ochinko

Ochinko was rusty after coming back for his suspension and only appeared in 24 games last year. 2015 could be Sean’s last chance to prove if he’s destined to be a career MiLB or if he has a chance to reach the major leagues. This will be his 4th year in NH and likely his last. It’s time for Ochinko to capitalize on his solid showing in Arizona this fall.