Blue Jays & Diamondbacks: Do They Match Up NOW?


It seems like we’ve been hearing the Toronto Blue Jays and the Arizona Diamondbacks in the same sentence for a really long time now. In fact, ever since Dioner Navarro became expendable with the signing of Russell Martin, we’ve been getting constant reminders that the D’backs need a catcher. However, this winter the conversation has been in the context of the Blue Jays looking for bullpen help. The injury to Marcus Stroman (the ACL pop heard ’round Blue Jays Land) has some wondering if the club is need of a starter.

One such person is Jon Morosi of Fox Sports. And, if the Blue Jays do not feel overly comfortable with the rotation being rounded out by Daniel Norris or Aaron Sanchez (for the sake of this post, let’s pretend they are not comfortable), their solution may be in the desert.

While I am not so sure “natural” is the right word, if a starter is needed, Arizona may prove to be a logical option. Apparently, they’ve collected quite a bit of pitching and have some to spare. Is that even possible for a MLB team; to have too much pitching? Morosi seems to think so:

As well, they’ve been dealt a bit of bad news of their own. Jeff Todd of tells us that the Diamondbacks’ Rule 5 pick, Oscar Hernandez has undergone surgery to repair a broken hamate bone in his hand. Hernandez was believed to be the back up to Tuffy Gosewisch. Many have questioned whether Gosewisch himself would be a reliable starter given that he’s managed just 55 games at the big league level over the last two seasons and owns a .213/.242/.310 line. 

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Toronto Blue Jays

Dioner Navarro would certainly be a welcome addition in Arizona. But, what about the return? Morosi mentions Chase Anderson, Trevor Cahill, Daniel Hudson and Vidal Nuno. Anderson is a 27 yr old who went 9-7 last season with a 4.01 ERA and a 1.373 WHIP. Cahill (27) is a former Oakland A who had a brutal 2014. He finished with a 3-12 record and was demoted all the way to A ball in the hopes that he’d adjust his mechanics. They even tried him in the bullpen last season. This sounds familiar to the Blue Jays. Would you trade Navarro for Ricky Romero? Hudson (28) is a two time member of the Tommy John surgery club, which cost him the 2013 season. In his 5 yr career he’s only pitched a full season as a starter once. Now, he did go 16-12. Finally Vidal Nuno (27) came over form the Yankees in 2014. His season totals in 28 starts is 2-12 with a 4.56 ERA.

You have to be getting the drift, here. Even if the Blue Jays were looking to find a starter to replace Stroman (and nothing suggests they are active in that pursuit) trading your (potential) starting DH/C for the options above doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. None of them would make a Blue Jays fan excited, especially at the cost of Dioner Navarro. Remember that the cost of sending Navarro also entails keeping Josh Thole.

What’s more, is Morosi suggesting that any of these options would be better than going with Norris and Sanchez? I’ve played along with the idea from the Fox Sports reporter long enough. Norris and Sanchez are better, more desirable options than any listed above. They are younger, exciting and cheaper. AND, they do not cost Dioner Navarro. They may struggle, but will be good enough for the Blue Jays to pass on these deals.

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