Blue Jays Podcast (VIDEO): Marcus Stroman Injury Fallout


With news of Marcus Stroman‘s injury leading him to miss the 2015 season exploding and dominating the conversation on social media, etc. we thought it would be a good idea to get together and have a conversation of our own amongst our writers. This episode of Jays’ Nest was dedicated to figuring out what the Blue Jays will do to get through the season without Stroman.

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Our panel was rightfully shocked by the news. However, once the initial shock dissipated,  we were able to collect our thoughts to come up with some discussion about who will fill out the rotation. In fact, the answer seemed kind of simple. There already existed a decision for the Blue Jays with the 5th spot in the rotation. Do they go with Daniel Norris or Aaron Sanchez? Now, another spot in the rotation has opened up. Two guys, two spots. Simple, right?

Well, as our panel discussed, it may not be so simple. We get the feeling that the organization has been leaning toward using Sanchez in the bullpen. With Brett Cecil having shoulder issues, that very well could be in the back of the Blue Jays’ minds. Of course, Cecil is expected to be fine after some rest. So, the bullpen, particularly the closer’s role, may be just fine. So, if the closer’s role is not in Sanchez’ future, perhaps starting is. 

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However, Sanchez and Norris are not the only options available to  the Blue Jays. We have to remember that Marco Estrada was brought in (for the price of Adam Lind) and has been billed as a potential starter. Now, his HR rates are enough to scare small children, but he is an option. As well, Liam Hendriks is another player who could be called upon. He was an International League All Star with the AAA Buffalo Bisons, but had difficulties at the major league level. As well, when he’s ready Johan Santana will have an opportunity to show what he can do. The point is, there are other options available to the Blue Jays.

This is a unique position for this club to be in; to have relative depth in the pitching department. The area of concern, though may lay in the fact that the quality of pitching depth is suspect. But, we have to keep in mind that no club is going to have 8 or 9 #1 starters.

Speaking of starters, though, our panel discussed the possibility of the Blue Jays looking to make a deal with the Phillies for Cole Hamels. We agreed that this type of move would come at a steep price, but we debated it nonetheless. Some of us were more adamant about it than others. Some feel that if the BlueJays are in “win now” mode, they should not wait until the July 31st Trade Deadline to make a big move. The risk of falling behind with substitutes is too great. Others felt that the club would call upon its depth instead.

Speaking of depth, this type of injury will have a ripple effect on the bullpen. We discussed what the bullpen would look like without Sanchez, assuming he takes the 5th spot. Oddly, it wouldn’t look that different. Perhaps the only exception would be the club more adamant that the likes of Roberto Osuna and Miguel Castro get hyped as 2015 bullpen additions more than they already have been. As well, this injury also emphasizes the importance of Steve Delabar and a need for him to return to his 2013 performance.

All in all, the injury to Marcus Stroman is a hit to the depth of pitching the Blue Jays have built. Everyone moves up a notch. What that means and how it plays out is yet to be revealed. For right now, all we can do is talk about it. Enjoy!



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