Blue Jays Winter Meetings Day 3


Much like the previous two days, there really hasn’t been a whole lot coming out of San Diego regarding the Blue Jays. And, it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

That was kind of a downer, but not as much as watching two relievers who would have looked good in a Blue Jays uniform BOTH sign with the Astros. The Astros! In the wake of Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek signing yesterday, there was a lot of focus on why they may not have signed with Toronto. There is the old faithful excuse that Toronto was just not a priority.

Then there was an issue with taxes. Apparently, paying taxes in Ontario is not so desirable. Don’t tell me it is turf! Or, maybe it is just the lack of taxes elsewhere.

While I agree with Barry Davis on this point, it still feels like a lame excuse. And, it may be hard to pinpoint exactly why each free agent signs where they do being that they are all unique, it would make sense that winning is a priority (which is why I question the decision to sign with Houston) length of guaranteed years and, ultimately, the dollar amount. So, is there a reason why the Blue Jays can’t compete? Or, is it just that the cost to compete means that these players are out of AA’s comfort zone?

Either way, it looks as though AA has (once again) shifted his focus. If anything gets done now, it’ll be on the trade front. At least that is what he said yesterday…

As I’ve said, this makes me a tad nervous. Exactly how much more can he comfortably give up? It feels like his depth is like a game of Jenga. After dealing away J.A. Happ, Kendall Graveman and Sean Nolin, it would appear that any more would cause everything to fall.

Hmmm. It is no surprise that teams are looking for young, controllable players. But, it is a bit surprising that they are asking about position players too. Unless that means Dalton Pompey. Then we have a problem. As usual, though, we can trust that AA is doing his best to work his magic. Even if it seems like (or he says) nothing is happening.

Wouldn’t it be cool if one of those deals he was magically working on behind the scenes like one of Santa’s elves was for Reds closer Aroldis Chapman. Yesterday I explored this possibility. Sportsnet’s Mike Wilner was thinking along the same lines apparently:

It is hard to think that the Blue Jays would be comfortable enough in giving up a king’s ransom for Chapman. But, he did say that the price would be high. He didn’t rule it out. Maybe I’m just dreaming.

Anyway, moving on…we can rest easy knowing that AA hasn’t given up on dealing with second base. But, he won’t look to do something major there.

This makes a whole lot of sense. Given that they have Devon Travis who they believe is near ready, it would not make sense to bring in someone for the long term. But, if they’re just looking for a one year solution, they could be just as comfortable sticking with what they already have for one year. Sigh. Finally, the Rule 5 Draft is set for today. Don’t expect the Blue Jays to pull anyone from there.

But, they very well could lose a couple: