What would the Blue Jays trade for Addison Russell?


Playing on Twitter the other day, I came across this:

This got me thinking about the second base fiasco that Blue Jay fans had to endure over the years and could Alex Anthopoulus and Theo Epstien finally agree on fair trade……they couldn’t do it for Jeff Samardzija. Shaun Doyle (@JaysFromCouch) and I (@MuellerRyan11 and Grading on the Curve) discuss this topic and decided to include you, the reader, in the discussion.

RM: Thee Epstein’s done a great job of stock piling ‎high ceiling infielders through trades. Alex Anthopoulos has done a great job of stock piling high ceiling arms through the draft. The Cubs need arms and the Jays need infielders.

Is it possible that these two could come together to help each other out?

Addison Russell would be ‎a great pick up. The Jays can afford to trade one of their top three arms of Daniel Norris, Aaron Sanchez, and Marcus Stroman.

SD: OK. Now that I’ve stopped hyperventilating, I’ll try and entertain this idea. After the trade that landed Josh Donaldson, I’m not as comfortable with the pitching depth the Blue Jays currently possess. I’m going to need you to convince me that Russell is worth it. You’re asking me to part with one of the studs we’ve been drooling over and waiting for for two years. And, go!

RM: Stroman for Russell straight up would get it done, although the Cubs would have to include another prospect now that Stroman has MLB innings under his belt . I think Sanchez or Norris and another‎ player would get it done if you don’t fancy letting Stroman go.

Addison Russell is a ‘can’t miss’ prospect, a franchise changer. Despite missing the first half of 2014 with a hamstring issue, he was still able to hit. 294 with 12 homeruns in 50 games. He is more advanced that Franklin Barreto was and will be ready for the BIGS by the All-Star break.

SD: I was afraid you’d go there. I’m not giving up #StroShow. Period. Forget it. Sanchez either. He is our future stud. Maybe even our closer. Norris actually seems like an easier give away, but even then, I’m nervous. Too much potential. It is too hard to replace good pitching. Isn’t this funny? It’s like you and I have switched places. I don’t want to give up our young guys. But, if Russell is an actual target (and there are no indications that he is), I think I’d be ok with doing Norris and a middling prospect. Realistically, the Blue Jays have depth. Liam Hendriks, Marco Estrada and Todd Redmond are ok solutions for one or two starts. But, I’m still apprehensive.

RM: Just like there is no crying in baseball, there are no guarantees. Storman could fall victim to the sophomore jinx or become the next Tim Lincecum…good for a few years then just another arm.

I’m not suggesting trading all three. That’s just silly, but this team needs to find stability at 2nd base. With Dalton Pompey, Addison Russell, and ‎the young starters this team has, will set this team up for success for many years to come.

SD: And, none of those stars will mean anything if we start trading away our young stud pitchers. Stroman MAY have a rough second year. But, he has shown no reason to EXPECT it. As for the stability at 2B, I think that was what Travis was for. Granted, Russell may be an even sure-r bet. But, just like we have to acknowledge that Stroman MAY struggle, we have to acknowledge that Russell may not pan out. If one is possible, so is the other. If the Cubs are even willing to listen on him, the only one I’d consider is Norris. And then a less impactful prospect.

RM: Again, I would never suggest that AA trade all our ‘young stud’ pitchers. If AA were to deal one of three pitchers already mentioned that would leave the Jays with Drew Hutchison (24) and two other pitchers under the age of 23. You can only have so many under 24 year old starters in your rotation.

Final Word


I just don’t feel comfortable enough to pull the trigger. Or, at least I didn’t. Until I watched this:

And this:

OK. I’m in. I’ll give up Norris plus another.

RM: See. Told you so…..Alex it’s Theo on line 1.

Since this discussion the Chicago Cubs have inked John Lester to a multi-year deal and  Jeff Samardzija was dealt to the Chicago White Sox.

In the comment section tell us who the Blue Jays should trade for Addison Russell?