Blue Jays Winter Meetings Day 2


There was very little activity today from the perspective of the Toronto Blue Jays…at least that we’re aware of. But, here’s the rundown:

Well, that certainly is a “killjoy statement” if I ever heard one. But, if we know anything to be true, he always says there is nothing happening and then he swoops in with his Ninja moves and surprises everyone. We all assume he’s in San Diego working to obtain bullpen help. Which, you know,  probably means he’ll bring in a starter or something that we didn’t expect. As to AA’s attempts to address the bullpen:

Well, then. There he goes again dropping that “right guy” qualifier again. I have to wonder if there is such a mythical creature out there that would ever be his “right guy”. You know, the one to make him break the 5 yr Rule for.

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  • All joking aside this points out his unwillingness to overpay for those top relievers. So,

    Andrew Miller


    David Robertson

    type contracts won’t be handed out from the Blue Jays? Good. I think we’re all still stinging from the

    B.J. Ryan

    commitment. I wouldn’t be comfortable with another one of those deals again.

    Immediately, the thought that came into my mind after reading the last tweet was Casey Janssen. He would certainly fall into that category of coming off a down year. Perhaps they would be willing to bring him back, if the price is right. And, for the right price, I’d be OK with just about anyone. Maybe.

    Then there were some interesting bits of info released about names the Blue Jays have checked in on. Bob Elliott tells us that the club is looking at Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek. I’ve already mentioned how great a pick up Gregerson would be. Neshek is a 34 year old coming off an All Star season in St Louis. Jays Journal’s Keegan Matheson also looked at the possibility of Neshek. Either would be great. And, they wouldn’t likely cost a fortune.

    But, getting back to the trade route- would AA trade his starters for a high profile reliever? Apparently (and thankfully), not.

    Whew. I was starting to get a little nervous at how the deep pool of pitching from a month ago was starting to drain and become too shallow for my liking. Having Aaron Sanchez and Daniel Norris to fight over one starting spot and having the loser got to the bullpen (or AAA) is fine, but I was worried about the “then what”. Marco Estrada and Todd Redmond don’t exactly quite have the same ring as Sean Nolin and Kendall Graveman and J.A. Happ.

    So, then what about moving an experienced starter with a heavy contract? Nope.

    In a way, I see his point. Having 2 guys who you can BANK ON reaching 200 innings is rather huge. I don’t know if it is $29M huge, but that’s why I don’t run the show.  But, considering the unprecedented number of pitching injuries, perhaps it is worth having Mark Buehrle and R.A. Dickey around.