Blue Jays Winter Meetings: Day 1


Day One of the MLB Winter Meetings saw more smoke than fire. It was a chance for big wigs to settle in, set up shop and initiate discussions. Here are a few rumblings from the Blue Jays’ perspective from the first day.

Before you get too excited about more crazy Ninja GM moves, things are starting slowly for the Blue Jays:

Alex Anthopoulos reiterated his stance on trading Dioner Navarro:

It looks like AA is not going to be forced into selling low on Navarro who is coming off a good offensive year and is owed a mere $5M next season.  Like most teams, though, the Blue Jays probably value more than most. So, it’ll be interesting to see the return they get. If they get one at all. I have a sinking feeling that Navarro will get PLENTY of playing time between DH and backing up Russell Martin.

The drama about replacing Paul Beeston was (sort of) put to rest. It looks like neither Kenny Williams or Dan Duquette will be joining the Blue Jays any time soon.

While the White Sox may have not put their foot down, that does not seem to be the case in Baltimore. Orioles owner, Peter Angelos expects Duquette to fulfill his contract…until 2018. This seems like a whole lot of drama for nothing. It was a big thing, now it isn’t. Paul Beeston will be with the team in 2015. Whatever the plan is after that, we certainly won’t be privy to that…yet.

Then there is this from Jon Gibbons:

Obviously, he is referring to the right handed heaviness of the lineup. But, he could also be speaking to the home run reliance that has plagued them in the past. Hopefully, new hitting coach, Brook Jacoby can do something about that. Although he would have to come up with a way to change a leopard’s spots.

Speaking of Gibby, he threw out this interesting tidbit in his scrum with media when discussing the second base issues.

Wait. Is he serious? Does he know “what he has now” is Ryan Goins, Maicer Izturis, Steve Tolleson? He might be, literally, the only one content with what the Blue Jays will run out there if the season started today. Granted, the lineup is such that they don’t need a Robinson Cano, but still…

Gibby made a seemingly contradictory statement about who will patrol CF next season:

But, didn’t he say not too long ago that Dalton Pompey would be the starting CF? Did something happen in the last month or so to change his mind? Or, is he trying to light a fire under BOTH players. He’s a sly one, that Gibby. Or, maybe he recognizes that it probably isn’t the best idea to commit to a kid who spent a month in the big leagues. Here’s an interesting bit of intrigue regarding the Aaron Sanchez Daniel Norris situation:

I guess there are two young guys who could realistically battle for one rotation spot. So, logically, moving one to the bullpen is a good idea. And, of the two, I would rather have Sanchez as closer.