Blue Jays Announce 2015 Free Stuff Schedule


If you like free stuff AND baseball, you’ll like this post. That is if you can get to a Blue Jays game this coming summer. The Blue Jays have released their schedule of giveaways for the upcoming season. There are some really interesting choices for free swag. There are also some neat bobbleheads planned. There are also some returning favorites. For example, there are plenty of Boston Pizza’s Jr Jays Saturdays where kids can run the bases.

The Honda Home Opener (April 13) against the Rays will feature 45, 000 rally towels upon entrance. So, get your wrists in shape and get ready to wave those bad boys. But, it doesn’t end there. On your way out, you will also get a 2015 magnet schedule. Although, I have 3 of the 2014 schedules thanks to my orders last summer. So, that giveaway may or may not excite you. If you can’t make it to opening night, it’s OK because they are giving away the magnets in each of the games of the first home series. Granted, only 10, 000 will be given out in the 2nd and 3rd game.

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April will also feature Amatuer Baseball Photo Day on April 19. Amatuer teams can register and have their team photo on the field after the game against the Braves. Although, it was not immediately clear where one could register their team, it would be a really cool keepsake for the budding baseball stars.

May will kick off on the 5th with an interesting event. They will have a Connect with the Jays Night (presented by Honda). The description may not necessarily match the title, though. It is an “interactive social media night for @BlueJays followers. If that is just for fans to interact, that really doesn’t need a sponsor, does it? Itsn’t that pretty much every night anyway? Oh, they’ll also be giving away a Blue Jays designed T-shirt to 15, 000 fans. So, I guess that is different. There will be another on Sept 18 when the Red Sox are back.

The Red Sox series (May 8-10) should be a good one on its own, but it will feature a reusable bag giveaway (20,000) from MLB Network. The series will end with Mother’s Day at the Ballpark with a “Mother’s Day Oasis”. I’m pretty sure the oasis part for my wife would be staying home and sending me off to a ballgame. But, to sweeten the pot, the Blue Jays will try and appeal to the ladies and give away 20, 000 Brett Lawrie Replica Jerseys. 

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  • Then the club and TD will end May (24th) with Country Day and they’ll give away 20, 000 Blue Jays Trucker Hats. So, um, yeah. Trucker hats. At the end of June (28th), they’ll be giving away white panel hats, if hats of the trucker variety are not your thing.

    On June 10th, the team will give away a 2015 Blue Jays Team Card Set. Don’t put them in your bicycle spokes, ladies and gents. The Dalton Pompey one will be worth something one day.

    Once again, the Lady Jays will be back. Blue Jays’ wives and lady friends will be on hand to collect food donations June 26/ 27. Please give generously to this great cause.

    On Canada Day (July 1st), Honda will present 20, 000 fans with Blue Jays Forces T-Shirts, which is a nice gesture. Although, they’re giving away 20, 000 red Replica Jerseys on Aug 30 for Canada Baseball Day.

    Then on July 19, they get weird. They are going to have Snow Day and give away 20, 000 Blue Jays winter Mittens. Um. Yeah. Considering they play the Rays on this day and both teams are the only ones in all of baseball to play under a dome, I’m interested to see what snow day would look like.

    Bacardi will also be getting into the mix (see what I did there?). On July 31st, they’ll host a Summer Friday Fan Festival outside Gate 10/11 before the 4:30 game. I’m all for a good time, but I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to get people ‘juiced up’ and then send them in to the game. Although, it’ll probably be WAY cheaper than drinking INSIDE the game. They’ll also have another one on Aug 14 when the Yankees are in town and Aug 28 for the Tigers.

    Another highlight will be the Turn Back the Dial to 1985 (presented by TD) on Aug 16. They’ll hope to play on the excitement of the 1985 division championship Blue Jays. Hopefully, the current club will be right in the thick of things and the buzz will be excited instead of them being out of it and the feeling just reminding of what we’re missing out on…again.

    The Jays will end the season with Fan Appreciation Weekend Sept 26/27. I’d like more details other than they are giving away 20, 000 hoodies. I hope there is more.

    Now, I intentionally left out the bobbleheads until now. I did that because that is really what everyone is looking for. So, on the 19th of April, Jose Bautista gets his. Get it, the 19th? On June 7, Marcus Stroman gets his. I kind of hope it’ll be blowing a bubble. I thought it was really interestign that he got one so quickly. But, then I saw the next one. On Aug 3 during Long Weekend in the City, Russell Martin will have his bobblehead day. They didn’t waste time on that one. But, perhaps the coolest one will be during the Turn Back the Dial to 1985. George Bell, Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield will have a bobblehead day!

    If you’re planning a trip to Toronto, or live in the T-Dot and are trying to plan which games to go to, the giveaway list should help. But, get there early. And, grab one for me, will ya?