Toronto Blue Jays being bullied by Scott Boras


I am a huge fan of Bob Elliot and all he does over at Canadian Baseball Network. So when I read his article on Scott Boras and the Toronto Blue Jays, ‘Boras: Rogers 7 yr to Leafs? Why not Jays?‘ I just had to put my two cents in and of course Shaun Doyle’s two cents also. As you will see, Shaun and I don’t really see eye to on this one, but there is one thing that we can agree on and that’s super-agent Scott Boras is not our favourite person. We all remember the commotion he stirred up during Spring Training 2014. Pimping Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales on the Toronto Blue Jays and basically calling them cheap. Well I am getting all heated up, so lets get to Shaun (@JaysFromCouch) and I (@MuellerRyan11) conversation.

RM: I am not going to say that Boras is wrong, he is though, but he really needs to stop stirring the Blue Jays pot.

SD: I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Boras has a point. The Blue Jays SHOULD be entering into the free agency pool way more frequently and with more gusto. They are doing so much to hedge expectations that they are actually ensuring they don’t get any free agent. They set rules about years (link to my 5yr policy piece) and are constantly talking about spending limitations. Yet, when asked, they say sure, they can be competitive in going after “big fish”. I’m with Boras. They Jays have the ability and means to land the big fish, but they are showing an extreme unwillingness to do so. It is a choice. Do you think Tampa Bay wouldn’t love to have Toronto’s means?

RM: To steal one of Anthopoulos’ favourite lines, “if the right situation presents itself.”. ‎What is this situation he speaks of? I don’t think it exists. On the flip side, I don’t know one long-term contract that has provided the signing team with equal value on the field and on the payroll.

SD: And, while he’s chasing mythical unicorns, player after players is passing him by. They all know he’s chasing a fantasy and are happy to look elsewhere. Boras has a point. Stop living with your head in the clouds. Be real. Winning costs money. Sorry, but it’s true. Maybe not the Scott Boras super money, but free agents do cost. This is the problem with Boras. He’s right, but then he’s the reason why free agency is so unappealing. He tries to drive prices up and drops these type of comments to get teams to enter the auction. That is exactly why AA doesn’t want to even pick up a paddle.

RM: So you would have gladly handed Stephen Drew a 5-7 year contract this past off-season, because Boras said that he would make the team better?

SD: You’re missing my point. Spending what Boras tells you to is silly. Avoiding free agency like the plague is even sillier.

RM: it appears that today’s elite FA all want these 10 year 150-200 million dollar contracts, kinda like Jose Reyes. You have said in the past that the Reyes deal isn’t a good one. Now you are suggesting that Alex should add more of them. I cannot get on board with that.

SD: Again, you misunderstand. The 10 yr/$200M deals are ridiculous! But when a club comes out and limits itself both in years AND dollars, what hope does it have? Boras is just pointing out that they are doing this unnecessarily.

RM: You’re starting to sound like my wife. I hear you Doyle, I he‎ar you, but if every guy that Alex approaches wants 6-7 years and they’re all 30 years old what do you do?

Look at Melky. Do you sign him for 7 years? Don’t worry about dollar right now.

SD: Obviously, your wife is a genius and a saint. Don’t worry about the money? OK, I’ll set aside that ridiculous notion right now. Even though, at the end of the day, it is all about the Benjamins. No, signing a 30yr old to 7 years is not a good idea. But why take yourself out of the discussion before it begins? Once you’re at the table, and show a sincere interest in  the player, then you can discuss fewer years. Now, going back to the money, which is really Boras’ motive. He wants the highest dollar. If it requires more years, he’ll push for it. He’d much rather see players make higher AAV and then hit free agency again for another contract. But, we have to talk about it. If the Blue Jays want to stick to a 5 year policy, fine. But, then they have to be willing to spend more per year to even make free agents think about coming here. The message is that this team is NOT willing to do that either. Basically, Boras is saying that the Blue Jays are taking themselves out of free agency. Period. I hate to agree with him, but he does have a valid point.

RM: Of course she is a genius she married me, but enough about that. I still maintain that I agree with the Blue Jays stance. Whether Boras is right or wrong isn’t what I take issue with. It’s the forum which he has chosen to voice his option. Boras is a bully and he is trying to bully Alex into changing the Blue Jays stance on long term deals. Also let it stated that Boras has not had a client play for the Blue Jays since 2008. Maybe he has a client that really wants to play for the Blue Jays in 2015.

Final Word
SD: Boras is indeed trying to force the Jays into spending. No question. I’m not saying they have to buy a one way ticket into Boras-stan. But, he does have a point. Right now the Blue Jays are sending messages about years and dollars that is going to repel free agents.

RM: The jays aren’t the only team with this policy. Boras go bug someone else. AA stick to your guns and show Mr. Boras that we don’t need him to tell you how to build a winner.

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