Unrealistic Jose Reyes Trade Speculation


Hey Blue Jays fans, I came across this truly hysterical trade speculation piece by Doug Rush at Yankees 101, and I thought I would share it with you (click here for a laugh). Who better to share in this laughter than Shaun Doyle (@JaysFromCouch).We will actually give some serious thoughts about the possibility of a Blue Jays and Yankees trade and how it would impact the Jays….in the latest edition of  Big League Chew.

RM: I am all for some good ol’ fashion rumour mill talk, but this is flat out funny. Not because it involves Jose Reyes being traded to AL East rival New York Yankees but because there is zero substance to it. I especially like how the writer describes the Jays play over the past two years and the ‘hard turf’…someone exaggerates a little.

SD: He starts off by saying the Blue Jays have been an “extremely lousy team over the last two seasons”. Really?! Like “aging icon-travelling carnival show-putting him in anyway even though it costs you wins- almost $30M for a PED user-passing the Metamucil the seniors home that is the clubhouse” lousy? Is that what he meant? Come on. Then he says that the Yankees will want Toronto to take on some of Reyes’ contract in a potential deal. Again, REALLY?! Is he not aware the Blue Jays’ chrometophobia? That’s right. It’s a thing. Look it up. It means the fear of money. In this case, the spending of it. Why would they ever agree to trading Reyes AND PAY FOR IT?! The only reason they’d even consider trading him is to unload $ (hence the phobia reference). And, just because the writer lists Reyes as a trade option for the Yankees, doesn’t mean he ACTUALLY is.

RM: What seems to be lost in this article is, that in no way, is it in the Blue Jays best interest to trade Reyes. As it stands the Jays are in need of infielders, not getting rid of them. There is no solution at second base and there is a potential gold glover at third that only manages to stay healthy for about 80 games a year. ‎So why further compound the problem by trading away one of the more consistent bats in the league.

SD: Exactly. Granted, there are reasons to trade Reyes. His defence is questionable. He relies on his arm to make up for plays his legs can’t get him to. His legs are an issue. The turf is not good for him. He’s owed WAY too much money over the next 3 years. All of these are reasons to ship him off. The problem is that this guy seems to think that the Blue Jays are so terrible and desperate that they’d pay for someone else to take him. NO WAY. There is no one who could replace him. His bat is not replaceable with anyone currently on the club. His defence, while sketchy can be improved by using Goins or Diaz, but it creates too much of a hole. I don’t care what anyone says, I HATE his contract, but I am NOT trading Reyes. Period. Unless the Yanks want to let go of Tanaka. No? Ok then. Move on.

RM: Shaun, those are all great reasons to trade him, but I would rather convert Reyes to second or better yet make him our everyday LF. Reyes’ range is less of a liability when Lawrie is healthy and manning ‎the hot corner.

Who would the Yankees even have to offer? Or does this guy think that Alex and Co would be soooo happy to rid themselves of a huge contract they would be willing to take anyone?

SD: I agree that if Lawrie is healthy and manning 3rd, Reyes’ issues aren’t as obvious. Honestly, outside of Tanaka, I’m not seeing anyone who would make me work with the Yankees. This writer obviously doesn’t know much about the inner workings of the Blue Jays. He really should have just framed his argument around the idea that maybe the Yanks should target Reyes. But, to offer it up as a real thing is just silly. For so many reasons.

Last words

RM: There are no untouchables on the Blue Jays this off-season and looking for a potential trade partner for Reyes shouldn’t be top priority for Anthopoulos. If the right deal came along which helped the Jays address two areas than go ahead, but the Jays are not, I repeat, are not at the “dumping payroll” stage.

SD: 100% agree. They don’t NEED to trade him. They don’t need another gaping hole on this roster.

Hope that I provided you with a little Sunday morning laughter. Have your say in the poll and in the comments section.