Big League Chew: Blue Jays Empty Wild Card Push


Ryan Mueller (@MuellerRyan11) and I (@JaysFromCouch) would  like to explore Richard Griffin’s stance on the Blue Jays making a push for the Wild Card spot. Griffin claims they should have made a stronger push for that play off spot because it could result in big things. He cites the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants of this year as well as past Wild Card participants.

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SD: Griffin’s argument that teams should push for that one game playoff is strong. There really is truth to the, “Just get in and anything can happen” mentality. The Royals are proving that. As Griffin points out, there are many examples of teams who’ve done amazing things from that Wild Card position. It would have been nice for the Blue Jays to even show some remote interest in proactively aiming for that spot instead of just sticking with the status quo and hoping for the best.

RM: The one thing that Griffin neglects to point out is that the Royals have been dwelling in the basement for years now. You know what years of basement dwelling gets you? Lots of high ceiling prospects that make it easier to trade for the final pieces of a playoff team. The Jays farm system isn’t there yet.

SD: It sure isn’t. And, KC has resisted the urge to do deals like the Miami one. They knew they weren’t within striking distance until recently. They didn’t force the issue. They let success come to them. I don’t think the Blue Jays are in THAT place. They’re too committed to winning now-ish. They have made a bed they must sleep in. In for a penny, in for a pound. If they aren’t, then get rid of everyone and go the KC route. 

RM: Toronto is on the right track. ‎There is potential to form a great rotation here, that much we know. Some arms will be sacrificed to add position players, but the team wasn’t built to win this year and they won’t win next year. The good arms are too young and the good bats are too old. 

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  • SD: Not built to win now?! But we’re on the back end of the window for winning that Beeston put out there. Jose Bautista has just two years left at most, assuming his contract stays the way it is with one more year and a team option for the 2nd. Same amount of time for Edwin Encarnacion. If they’re not built to win this year or next what was the point of the Miami deal? Or, Dickey? 

    RM: Those deals looked good on paper and should have allowed us to win, but Rickey Romero, Josh Johnson, and Brandon Morrow haven’t preformed. Had RR regained his 2nd starter form and Morrow developed into the Ace we all hoped he would then there is no doubt in my mind this team would have made the playoffs the last two years. That didn’t happen. What’s that thing about hindsight?