Blue Jays Morning Brew: Off Season Priorities


Good Morning. Wipe the sleep from your eyes because we’ve brewed up a fresh pot of Blue Jays goodness to start your day. Here’s your Blue Jays Morning Brew.

At The Sun, Bob Elliott outlines the Blue Jays who face fee agency. Colby Rasmus, Casey Janssen and Melky Cabrera get to test the waters. As well, Adam Lind, Dustin McGowan, J.A. Happ, Brandon Morrow, Sergio Santos and Josh Thole could be free agents depending on the club’s desire to pick up their options. I think we can safely say we’ve seen the last of Santos. Lind may be heading out thanks to his frustration induced rant. Assuming the Blue Jays keep R.A. Dickey, Josh Thole will return since their joined at the hip.

At, Shi Davidi describes what I’ve been trying to say for months: J.A. Happ has been good for the Blue Jays. Yup, he’s an enigma. Yup, he’s been bad. Yup, he’s also been really good. His numbers pan out. He’s a good fit for the back end of the rotation. Saturday’s performance is proof. Now, the question is: Will the Blue Jays pick up his option? I am saying, nay, shouting, “YES!!!!!!” That price tag for his production is a good deal. I think some people are just afraid to believe the good. But, as Happ says, “I always told you guys, and a lot of you guys probably didn’t believe me, but I felt like if I had the opportunity I could perform.” Booya!

Globe and Mail scribe, Robert MacLeod looks at 5 decisions the Blue Jays face this off season. I’m not so sure his 5 are the 5 questions I would suggest. Firstly, he starts off with whether John Gibbons will return. Come on, people. He’s coming back in 2015! Let it go! His contract is one that dictates his return. It is a stroke of genius as far as contracts go. I bet Kirk Gibson wishes he had such a contract. Anyway, MacLeod also asks what the Jays will do about Brandon Morrow. That is an intriguing one. My guess is they’ll let him walk to lower his price tag. If they do bring him back, it’ll be in the bullpen. Right now, though his price tag is high for a bullpen arm. MacLeod also mentions shopping Mark Buehrle. If they can unload his contract and get a 2B or 3B, I’m all for it.

And, as we all know, opinions are like…eye lids, everyone’s got ’em. To wit: Brendan Kennedy of The Star offers what he thinks the Blue Jays priorities are for the off season. His number one concern is that the Blue Jays bring back Melky Cabrera. D’uh! Will the blue Jays pay the suggested 3yr./$39M- 4yr/$60M? If they don’t, all hell will break loose amongst the fan base. Really, it is a no brainer. But, will Melky choose to reject the probable qualifying offer and test free agency? Remember, Stephen Drew? Kendrys Morales? Not a good idea, Melky.

And, finally, I’ll leave you with my notes on the press conference from Alex Anthopoulos on the final day of the season.