How did the 2014 Draft Picks Fare? Part 2


2014 Draft Picks

Every June Major League teams look to restock the prospect cupboards, in hopes of finding one or two everyday players. The Blue Jays selected over 40 wide eyed College/High School kids in the 2014 June Amateur Draft. So how did they do in their first year of pro ball?

On Sunday morning we looked at the top 10 picks the Blue Jays signed from the 2014 Draft. Today we will dive into Part 2 with a look at the next 9 picks the Blue Jays were able to sign from the 2014 Draft.

2B Gunnar Heidt (22)- Selected in the 13th round, 384th overall. This 22 year old started the season in Bluefield where he appeared in 6 games before getting promoted to Vancouver. Gunnar have a solid .318 BABIP and .167 ISO while producing a 7.5 BB% and 18.3 K%.

RHP Chase Mallard (22)- Selected in the 14th round, 414th overall. The 6’2″ righty starter his career with Bluefield where he made one start and two relief appearances. He didn’t miss a beat once being promoted to Vancouver. With the C’s Chase had a 3.46 FIP and a 70.3 LOB%, while striking out 21.5 K% and walking 4.9 BB%.

1B Ryan McBroom (22)- Selected in the 15th round, 444th overall. Ryan had possibly the season of the 2014 picks. McBroom quickly established himself in the heart of the C’s batting order by providing the C’s with power (0.205 ISO) and solid plate awareness (0.25 BB/K)…oh and didn’t hurt that he slugged 0.502.

RHP Dusty Isaacs (23)- Selected in the 18th round, 534th overall. The 23 year old Georgia Tech Alum played the entire season with Bluefield. Isaacs gave up more hits than innings pitched, but he also demonstrated impressive control (4.0 BB%). He oned a 2.15 FIP and 66.5 LOB% while opponents hit .280 off him.

CF Cliff Brantley (22)- Selected in the 19th round, 564th overall.The speedy outfielder didn’t do anything to set himself apart from the other prospects on the GCL Blue Jays roster. He either struggled to hit the ball in the air or he really knows his game with a 4.20 GO/AO ratio.

SS Aaron Attaway (22)- Selected in the 20th round, 594th overall. Attaway did a good job in drawing walks (15.7 BB%), but he struck out too much (26.4 K%). He hit a lot of balls in the air with 0.52 GO/AO and he did show some good extra base power with 8 extra base his in 36 games (0.103 ISO).

RHP Conor Fisk (22)- Selected in the 24th round, 714th overall. The 6’2″ Southern Mississippi Alum did a great job in the Bluefield bullpen. He did everything you expect from a reliever by stranding 75.3 LOB%, but he could have done a better job keeping the ball on the ground with a 0.60 GO/AO.

LHP Bobby Wheatley (22)- Selected in the 26th round, 774th overall. This tall 6’5″ lefty from USC started 5 games and made 7 relieve appearances for Bluefield. He struggled to get people out and off base. He did a okay job of keeping the ball on the ground with a 1.31 GO/AO but he did give up 4 long ball. He had a poor FIP of 5.47 and LOB% of 55.6.

CF Chris Carlson (23)- Selected in the 28th round, 834th overall. Carlson was playing with opponents almost 2 years younger than him and it showed. He was beast with 13 doubles and had 11 more walks than strike outs (1.44 BB/K). I am a sucker for players that can draw more walks than strikeouts, so I will be keeping a close eye on Carlson moving forward. Carlson generated a low 0.070 ISO and very good 0.345 BABIP.

There were a bunch of guys picked between Gunnar Heidt at 384th and Chris Carlson at 834th that didn’t sign with the Blue Jays. I have taken the liberty to list them below.

C Michael Papierski- 16th round

RHP Quin Carpenter- 17th round

C Drew Lugbauer- 21st round

CF Todd Isaacs- 22nd round

RHP Zachery Pop- 23rd round

RHP Rob Winemiller- 25th round

1B Owen Taylor- 27th round