So How Does the 2015 Blue Jays Schedule Shape Up?


The 2014 season has been one of the more unpredictable and crazy ones in recent Blue Jays memory. With the release of a tentative 2015 schedule we will see the usual plethora of division rival series, a visit on the inter-league side to the NL East and three grueling 10 game road trips and two 10 game home stands. So which parts of the schedule deserve a discerning glance? Are there some series or games better than others? Of course there are.

Please note the following:

April 6: @ Yankees. Of course leave it to the powers that be to start us off against them. They may have been mediocre this year but judging from the free agents out there that the Yankees will be gunning for…well there isn’t much so let’s enjoy a beating of the Yankees in the Bronx to start the 2015 season off right. This is the first game of a season beginning 10 game home stand. Great way to get some wins early…oh and no Jeter.

April 13: vs Rays. It’s the Home Opener people! You can be sure to have the red, white and blue valances, player and personnel intros, every seat filled, expensive beer pouring, a raucous crowd and eventually a lot of drunken ejections…oh yeah and a baseball game to be played. Gotta love Opening Night in Canada.

April 15: vs Rays. It’s Jackie Robinson Day. A man deserving of a yearly appreciation for being the man and ballplayer that he was. Gotta love #42.

April 17: vs Braves. First inter-league series of the season happens to be against the NL East juggernaut Atlanta Braves. I am quite happy it is in Toronto so we don’t have to endure the Tomahawk Chop. I hated it in ’92 and I hate it now.

May 18-27: Blue Jays second ten game home stand in about a month. That’s 20 games worth of home stands so far in 2015 and May isn’t even over. This seems to happen every single season. Since they have a dome they are expected to host all the early season games? It would be nice as a fan to get some more sunshine games in…just sayin’. Aside from that this home stand will bring Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez, Canadian kid James Paxton, Chris Sale, Jose Abreu and more!

Pearson Cup is up for grabs!

June 1-3: @ Nationals. Time to see just how fearsome Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper really are. The rest of the team ain’t too shabby neither. Pearson Cup is up for grabs!

June 8-10: vs Marlins. Our first chance to see Adeiny Hechaverria, Anthony DeSclafani and Henderson Alvarez ply their trade. Would you like to have them back? Hopefully we beats them down with a Mark Buehrle “fastball” and Jose Reyes homer. We need some justification dontcha think?

July 1: vs Red Sox. Why so big a deal? Canada Day baby! garish red uniforms replace the smart white ones. Sing the anthem at the top of your lungs and feel the love spread in the stadium and across *sniff* Canada.

July 14: All-Star Game @ Great American Ballpark. How many Blue Jays have a shot at this every year? If they played to their capabilities there could be as many as a half dozen considered for All-Star status.

July 21-26: 6 game road trip to Anaheim and Seattle. This should prove to be quite the road trip. Moving away is always going to be tough because we love you. I know you just want what’s best for me Blue Jays. Come home safe…and with a 5-1 record would be swell! Oh and also about July…we have 9 home games. 9. Howz that for not being able to take advantage of the weather….geezus-age-cripes.

September 7-17: Another 10 game road trip. This time it follows through Boston, New York and Atlanta…all places you would sat are tough places to play on the road. If the Jays are in it this could be the road trip that makes or breaks their season.

September 18-27: The final home stand of the year featuring our favourite teams to hate in Boston, New York and Tampa Bay. Feel free to come and throw verbal daggers at the opposition to make them feel thiiiiiiis big. If September means anything it will be here. Don’t forget the last day is Fan Appreciation Day where you get a travel mug or a lock of Kelly Gruber‘s hair or something…

October 4: @ Rays. Final game of the regular season. Usually this time of year me cry with the Blue Jays not making it but 2015 is brimming with optimism isn’t it?

So there yous have it. Are there any other games or series you are champing at the bit to see? Well comment down below you savvy internet veteran!