Was Beaning Melky Cabrera Intentional?


A collective gasp was heard throughout Blue Jays-land when Melky Cabrera was beaned by Miguel Gonzalez, which resulted in a welt that was reminiscent of the ones found on Freakshow’s head/neck. That’s right, I said beaned. You might say that Miguel was throwing inside and he just missed his spot….well you’d be wrong. That was intentional, plan and simple. Cabrera has absolutely worn out the Baltimore Orioles pitchers.

In the first two game of the series Melky was 5 for 8 with 2 runs and 2BB. By having Gonzalez bean Cabrera the O’s intimidated the Jays in their own house. Just look at the omission of guilt in Gonzalez’ body language. He looks like a kid that was just scolded for taking cookies from the cookie jar 5 minutes before dinner.

John Gibbons down played the injury as not being serious and he was correct in that assessment. Melky was taken out of the game and said to be day-to-day. He was back in the line up the next day. Jays-land…big sigh of relief.

The seriousness which Gibby should address was the non-response from his Jays for such a blatant show of dissrespect . There was not retaliation. There was zero passion for the rest of the game. Come on guys. How come J.A. Happ didn’t throw a little chin music to Chris Davis or Nelson Cruz in their next at-bat?

Is it because Gibby didn’t want to risk having to go to his bullpen? I would say no. Todd Redmond was available having not pitched since Houston series (Aug. 3rd). That’s not it. So what was it…can anyone give me a good reason for the Jays not showing some gonads?

I am sure that it has something to do with playing the game the right way….blah blah blah. I am sure that Gibby didn’t want to run the risk of having one of his guys suspended or injured if a kerfuffle (it’s actually a word). This argument holds some water, what with the lack of depth this team is currently playing through. So the last thing you would want is Jose Reyes running out to defend his buddy’s honour and pull a hammy or further injure his should throwing a punch. We also won’t want Munenori Kawasaki getting suspended for trying to sell one of the O’s players a car.

I used to hate when Buatista would complain about every called strike, but this would have been a perfect time to make a statement in front of you home town crowd.  So I am going to challenge to the entire Blue Jays team to go into Baltimore in September and bean one of their superstars….for Melky’s boil.

Is it just me or does this Jays team need to form a rivalry and an identity. Right now they just seem like a bunch of guys that really like their handshakes.

Revenge is best served cold.