AL East Still Not Being AL East


As much fun as the Toronto Blue Jays being in 1st place in early July is, and as annoying as cynical Jays fans who are waiting for the team to collapse are, facts are facts and the AL East just hasn’t been the AL East this season.

The Yankees are on a 5-game losing streak that has them a game below .500, the Red Sox just got swept by the freaking Cubs and are 9 games below .500 and the Rays are 11 games below .500 while on a 5-game win streak.

I have to go all the way back to never to think of a time the Yankees and Red Sox were this bad this late in the season.

So 2014 might be the year the Jays playoff drought finally ends or the year they contended until September. But what might be even more memorable is that it might go down as the season the beast of the east crawled into a hole.

The Jays even have a winning record against the East at 17-15.

As starved as I am to see the Jays be contenders and be in the playoffs I can’t help but feel like an over the top movie character throwing his hands up in the air, screaming: not like this!

The wild card spot holders Angels and Mariners have a better record than the Jays for Pete sake! (because they’ve played less games but still)

The wild card holders having a better record than the 1st place team in the AL East is unheard of.

But of course making the playoffs still isn’t going to be easy.

The Orioles are only 1 game back of the Jays. And the Yankees are “only” 4.5 games back of the Jays so there just a strong run away from being the typical Yankees we all know and hate.

And if the Jays lose 1st place there’s no guarantees they win a wild card spot because like I just mentioned the wild card spots currently have a better record than the Jays.

The Jays being in the American League and the AL East makes getting into the playoffs very hard.

But with the way things have gone down this season compared to what the AL East usually is? It’s like a walk in the park compared to the usual 800 million meter marathon.

PS. Lol silly Brewers you don’t pitch to Edwin Encarnacion with 2 outs and 3rd base open with Navarro on deck!