Toronto Blue Jays’ Falling Like Flies


The Toronto Blue Jays have lost yet another series, and with that series loss, came a few extremely unfortunate injuries that further exploit the theory I’ve developed that the Blue Jays have the worst luck in baseball.

Now I am not saying the Toronto Blue Jays have lost 4 of their past 5 series due to bad luck, that would just be ridiculous; what I’m trying to say is with the rash of injuries the Jays have been cursed with over the past 3 or 4 seasons, how can anyone expect them to win? The Blue Jays have been ridden with injuries year after year to key contributors to their offence, defence, and pitching which foreshadows failure no matter what way you look at it.

The plethora of injuries in 2014 began during the very first at-bat of the season when Jose Reyes, a key contributor to the Blue Jays deep lineup, exited the game after tweaking his hamstring and was immediately put on the 15 day DL. Before I continue its worth noting that Reyes also missed a big portion of 2013 with an ankle injury.

Furthermore, the injury plague that has ridden the Blue Jays all year swiped Maicer Izturis from the squad as well as he was put on the 60 day DL after injuring his knee falling in the dugout after having the hottest start of his big-league career.

The Injuries only began there as Brandon Morrow, who was once considered to be the ace of the future but has been plagued with injuries his whole career, developed a torn tendon sheath in his finger that also spelled a trip to the 60 day DL. So far that is 3 key parts of the Blue Jays that have caught the injury bug that is so common around the Blue Jays’ clubhouse. Unfortunately, I’m just getting started as Adam Lind, who owns the highest average on the Blue Jays squad, had been dealing with a back injury during the beginning weeks of the season, and now faces a possible trip to the DL with a current foot injury.

Sergio Santos is another victim of the Blue Jays’ injury woes, but that has been expected since his very first injury as a part of the Blue Jays, as he has had a lot of trouble staying healthy during his short tenure with the Jays.

Meanwhile, everyday centre fielder and power-hitting left hander Colby Rasmus, who put up career numbers in 2013, started the season with 9 homers and 18 RBI in 37 games, only to be forced to the 15 day DL with a hamstring injury. Although, the Toronto Blue Jays went on to have one of the best months in team history without Rasmus, but that is besides the point. With Rasmus returning this past week and continuing where he left off, it seemed like the Blue Jays would be able to dig themselves out of this slump as they had practically an ideal lineup, minus Adam Lind due to his foot injury.

Although their lineup was looking practically ideal, the Blue Jays’ bullpen has taken a major hit this year, with injuries to closer Casey Janssen, Sergio Santos, and now Brett Cecil. Janssen has returned and since sparked the Blue Jays bullpen, but Cecil has recently been placed on the 15 day DL with a groin injury. Right when it looks like the Toronto Blue Jays are turning a corner health-wise, it has been miserable in the clubhouse as the Jays have lost both series since Rasmus’ return and were most recently struck by another pair of unfortunate injuries.

During their most recent series with the Cincinnati Reds, Blue Jays’ 3rd baseman Brett Lawrie, the spark plug of the Blue Jays clubhouse, was hit by a pitch on the hands 3 times which is bound to have some effect on his health. Well it did, as Lawrie has been placed on the 15 day DL with a fractured finger, and will miss 3-6 weeks, spelling another key part of the team missing multiple weeks due to an injury.

The injuries don’t end there as during the same game Lawrie left with his hand injury, Blue Jays’ leader and slugger Jose Bautista, removed himself after beating out a bunt single due to tightness in his leg. Bautista was scheduled to undergo an MRI immediately after the game but the results have yet to be posted. Let’s hope for Blue Jays fans everywhere that Bautista can avoid a trip to the DL so that the Toronto Blue Jays can attempt to hold their slim, shrinking lead on the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles.

For the Toronto Blue Jays, injuries are a common terror that have been diminishing the Blue Jays’ playoffs hopes for quite some time and for Blue Jays’ fans, its safe to say our favourite team straight up has terrible luck.

The Toronto Blue Jays look to break out of their mediocre June and hopefully, without some key bats, keep their slim lead atop the AL East when they return to Toronto to take on the New York Yankees in a 3 game set that sees Marcus Stroman take on Chase Whitley in the opener.