Blue Jays Position Players FINALLY COMPLETELY Healthy!


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s not Superman! Seeing Superman feels like it would be more realistic than this phenomenon. It’s the Toronto Blue Jays with all their starting position players healthy and on the active 25 man roster!

This is a huge deal because you only have to be able to count at a kindergarten level to count how many days the Jays have had a completely healthy lineup in the last 2 and a half years.

And before yesterday you didn’t have to be able to count at all to count how many days they’ve had a completely healthy lineup this season. Technically they had everyone healthy on Opening day this season but Reyes had to leave that game after his 1st at bat with hamstring issues.

And Colby Rasmus was the only missing piece in the lineup for the better part of a month but you could literally feel his absence every time Anthony Gose was hitting. Every weapon makes a huge difference. And as soon as Rasmus came back Lind and Lawrie started having nagging injuries but now they’re both back.

Of course the world can only be so kind as Kawasaki had to start at 2nd base with Lawrie at 3rd instead of Francisco yesterday because the Blue Jays rightfully needed their best defense with Liam Hendricks on the mound.

And of course there’s the one in a million chance the Jays are playing in a National League park where there’s no DH just as everyone gets healthy so you won’t see their whole actual lineup starting a game until after the Reds series is done. And that’s making the huge assumption everyone stays healthy until then, which is something you unfortunately can never assume with this team.

But Francisco and Lind did come off the bench so it marked the 1st game all season where all the Jays position players played in a game without an injury occurring (as far as we know).

The Jays were 3rd in the majors in runs scored this season without having a completely healthy lineup. So it’s no surprise (as arrogant a fan as I sound like) that they scored 14 runs in their 1st game with everyone healthy. To prove I’m not that arrogant I actually stopped watching when they were down 8-0 and had to bang my head against a wall 800 times when I heard they came back to win.

Now if the world really wants to spoil the Jays fan base the lineup will still be healthy by the time Cecil and Brandon Morrow are back. But that’s wishful thinking.

The Blue Jays lineup is finally completely healthy for one of the rare times in the last few years. It’ll be a lot easier to suck up a loss knowing the other team actually had to beat the real Blue Jays lineup. And I for one will be cherishing every moment of it for however long it lasts.

Or you know keep watching highlights of yesterday’s game on the computer if I just jinxed their health.