Lansing Lugnuts Profiles: Chaz Frank


Name: Chaz Frank

Drafted: 2013 Amateur Draft in the 20th round out of North Carolina

Age: 23

Position: OF

Bats/Throw: L/L

Chaz Frank was considered an offensive sparkplug and top of the order guy during his time with the North Carolina Tar Heels. During his time with the Tar Heels, Chaz would hit 15 triples and 40 doubles. He has good speed in the outfield and on the bases, but is not considered to be a base stealer (tell that to the Great Lake Loons).

Approach at the plate: Chaz has speed and seems to be very patient at the plate (16BB to 15K in 2014). He may not have the instincts to steal many bases but he does seem to have the makings of a very solid #2 hitter. His BB/K of 1.00 (2013) and 1.07 (2014) shows that Chaz is able to get on base and able to limit his strike outs. If Chaz can continue this trend he will develop into a solid bench/pinch hitter.

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Splits: Chaz has been used exclusively against RHP with only 7 AB against LHP. Against RHP Chaz is hitting .266, compared to .143 against LHP. This is too small a sample size, but on the bright side, he has 3 BB and only one K against LHP.

Fielding: Chaz played mostly CF with the Vancouver C’s in 2013, he didn’t commit an error in 93 chances and had 2 outfield assists. His RF/G was a decent 2.02 while patrolling CF for the C’s, coupled with his 1.00% field percent….you get a decent defender. With the Lugnuts this year Chaz has seen more time in LF, but continues to have his RF/G (1.80) in CF. This year Chaz has already committed 2 errors.

Chaz not only has a great name, but he has been playing some pretty good baseball recently. He is hitting .316/.381/.368 in his past 10 games and .341/.413/.390 in June. Chaz spent last year with Vancouver C’s where he hit .282/.412/.365, no HR, 8SB, 9 doubles and 3 triples. In 2014, Chaz spent the first quarter in extended spring training. Charlie Caskey had this to say about Chaz Frank‘s work during extended spring training:

"The other news saw the 2013 fans player of the year for the Vancouver Canadians,Chaz Frank, assigned to Lansing.  This doesn’t really come as a surprise.  Every time I asked my source in extended how the outfielders were doing he would eventually finish with ‘I don’t know why Chaz is still here.’"

If Chaz continues to show good patience at the plate, play good D, and is able to bring his average up a few ticks he could find himself playing CF in Dunedin when Dalton Pompey gets the call up to New Hampshire.