For Better or For Worse: How a Healthy Colby Rasmus Benefits Blue Jays’ Cold Bats


The Toronto Blue Jays have recently found themselves in a mini-slump, losing 5 of their last 6 games, as well as being shutout in 3 of those games. Although this is only a small sample size, it is not common for the Toronto Blue Jays we know and love to be shutout in 3 of their past 6 games. This is an offence that we’re used to seeing hit line drives to left, right, and centre using new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer‘s all-parts-of-the-field approach.

Now it is not expected that the Blue Jays will continue to be shut down offensively, and with everyday Centre fielder Colby Rasmus cleared for rehab games at Triple-A Buffalo, it’s safe to say that help is on the way.

Before Colby Rasmus went on the DL with a hamstring injury, he had a slash line of .222/.266/.489 in 37 games which isn’t very impressive but it’s expected from Rasmus, who has generally been a streaky player. Although, its worth noting that he also had 19 RBI’s to go with 9 homers and is still 5th on the team in such category, not to mention those homers were absolute jacks that would even make Edwin Encarnacion‘s jaw drop. Therefore, even though the Blue Jays have plenty of power in their lineup (emphasis on the plenty part), a fresh and healthy Colby Rasmus could be just what the Blue Jays need to break out of this powerless slump.

Not only does Colby Rasmus help the team offensively, he is also a stellar centre fielder who I personally believe can contend defensively with the likes of some of the AL’s best Centre fielders such as Adam Jones, a former gold-glove winner.

With the eventual call-up of Rasmus, it will most likely lead to the demotion of Anthony Gose or as I like to call him: “The Gazelle” who has performed well in the absence of Rasmus, but in no way can Gose duplicate the offensive numbers Rasmus puts up. Unfortunately for Anthony Gose, his hitting capabilities will ultimately lead to his demotion when Rasmus is activated from the DL.

Although it seemed at some point the Blue Jays didn’t need Rasmus as they went on that absolute tear in May without him, signs are beginning to show that the Toronto Blue Jays could definitely benefit from the presence and power of their everyday centre fielder.

Expect the power-hitting centre fielder to return to the Blue Jays lineup by Tuesday, June 17th at the earliest and provide an immediate boost.