First Edition: Putting Things Into Perspective For Blue Jays


I feel like the need to put things into perspective for your Toronto Blue Jays is going to be a common theme this season. So here’s to hoping this is the first and last (but probably not) edition of putting things into perspective.

Not familiar with 3-game losing streaks? Of course you’re not. It’s only the 3rd one the Blue Jays have had so far this season. In fact, the last time the Jays lost 3 games in a row was almost a month to the date on May 11th. But that’s not even the biggest coincidence.

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On May 11th it was the Jays 5th loss in May making them 6-5 in May at the time. The Jays third straight loss now is their 5th loss in June also making them 6-5 to start June. If you’re someone who really loves to cherry pick that means they started both months 6-2.

But it gets crazier than that!

On May 11th when the Jays were on their 3-game losing streak the week before from May 4th to May 8th they were on a 5-game winning streak. And the Blue Jays just snapped a 6-game winning streak last Saturday!

That’s scary similar and comforting, knowing how May played out.

Are the Jays going to to finish the rest of this month with a 15-4 record like they did in May? Of course not! They only have 16 games left in June instead of 19 so it’s not even possible, but seriously, a slow start to the month should not make anybody panic.

The goal should be to end the month with 15+ wins to keep up the 90-win pace. That’s only going to require the Jays going 9-7 the rest of the month, which is very doable!

And even if the Jays win slightly less than 15 games in June they can withstand it after their 21-9 May. You’d like to believe the Jays are a lot better than their 12-15 April but have to be realistic enough to know they are a little worse than their 21-9 May.

Either way unless they are just plain horrible for the remainder of June they’ll still be in contention to start July.

June hasn’t started out the way anybody wanted but neither did May. That’s a good reminder there’s still a lot of baseball to play this month and the rest of the season.