Blue Jays Have To Keep Their Foot On The Gas


Happy June everybody! It’s June and the Toronto Blue Jays are legitimately still in the playoff picture. It’s wayyyyy too big a deal that the Jays are still in contention in June but let’s not live in the past.

Of course, you’ve heard several times by now one of the reasons for this is the shocking slow starts by all the other teams in the American League East teams. By June 1st last season every team in the AL East had at least 30 wins except one. GUESS WHO!

This year on June 1st the Blue Jays are the only team in the AL East with 30 wins. It’s nice but the Jays need to show that May wasn’t a fluke.

For that to happen, the Blue Jays need to play the remaining months more like they did in May then they did in April, when the team went 12-15 compared to the pristine 21-9 in May. You hope the Jays don’t have another month like April, but you can’t reasonably expect the Jays to have another month like May. You just have to hope the rest of the months are at worst just slightly worse than May.

The Jays need about 60 or so wins in the last 4 months of the season to get into that 90 win area that will either get them into the playoffs or have them miss the playoffs by a few games. No one knows for sure how it’s all going to break down at the end of the season but we have a sense of what the Jays need to do. So they have to try to get 15+ wins a month for the rest of the season. Or have another month like May to withstand another month like April.

With the way the standings are not, every strong month from here out could mean the difference between playing October baseball or getting an early start on fixing your golf swing.

The Jays were in 4th place at the end of April with their 12-15 record. And because of that, despite having a great 21-9 May, they have just a 2.5 game lead on the Yankees, a 4.5 game lead on Orioles. The Red Sox had a freaking 10 game losing streak in May and they are “only” 6 games back of the Jays.

The Jays had a May for the history books. Let’s hope it wasn’t fluke and they can play nearly that great for the remaining 4 months of the season. It would get them into the playoff race in September and maybe even into the playoffs.

Keep their foot on the gas!