AL East Round Up: Drama Edition

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For the second week in a row, the Blue Jays sit atop the American League East!

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The American League East was filled with heaps of drama this week. The Blue Jays rode a dramatic 9 game winning streak. The Orioles took part in the annual Civil Rights Game where MLB awarded Maya Angelou, Berry Gordy and Jon Brown with Beacon Awards. Angelou gave her dramatic acceptance speech. The Rays and Red Sox took part in silly dramatic gamesmanship. Perhaps the only team to avoid any real drama was the New York Yankees. Let’s take a look!


Toronto Blue Jays- 33-24
New York Yankees- 29-25 (2.5 GB)
Baltimore Orioles- 27-27 (4.5 GB)
Boston Red Sox- 26-29 (6 GB)
Tampa Bay Rays- 23-33 (9.5 GB)