Toronto Blue Jays are celebrating Happy 30-Wins Day


If you told me before the season started that the Toronto Blue Jays would be the first team in the AL East to get to 30 wins I would have believed you. Really!

Especially with the Jays “only” having a 2 game lead over the 2nd place Yankees.

But I wouldn’t have believed they only had 22 losses in the loss column. With just 22 losses at this point the Jays could reasonably expect to get to 40 wins before 30 losses! I don’t know the last time you could say that was a reasonable goal. You know the schedule never gets easier but they barely have to play over .500 over the next 17 or so games to do it. Which is something this team looks like it can do.

But back to the 30 wins!

When the Jays ended April with a 12-15 record I would have thought you were nuts if you said they’d finish May with 30 wins, let alone getting to that point with 5 games still remaining in the month. Last year the Blue Jays didn’t get to 30 wins until June 14th! At that point the Red Sox already had 41 wins and the rest of the division was closer to 40 wins then 30.

30 wins right now of course doesn’t guarantee anything but it’s great to see them get there practically 3 weeks sooner than last season. As I mentioned earlier earlier, the Blue Jays are the only team in the AL East to hit the plateau and one of only two teams in the American League to have 30 or more wins is the AL West leading Oakland A”s with their 31 wins.

So what I’m really trying to say is if MLB wants to go on strike until October and start the playoffs with the standings the way they are now I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

In the National League the Brewers are leading the NL Central with the exact same 30-22 record as the Jays and the Giants are leading the NL West with 32 wins.

Having 30 wins before the end of May also puts the Jays on pace for 90+ wins if they can average 15+ wins a month. Of course that is a tough pace to keep, so getting a few extra wins in some months won’t hurt their cause either.

The Jays being one of four teams in baseball to have 30 wins is a giant step forward from what we’ve seen over the last few years. But it’s a long season, so let’s take it one step at a time. And just hope that when the Jays get to 40 wins their loss column isn’t that much higher than 22.