The AL East mediocrity continues for Blue Jays’ division rivals


At the start of this month I wrote about how you can’t expect the slow starts of the American Leauge East teams to continue. You still can’t expect these teams to struggle, but yet the mediocrity continues.

You could even make a case for the division being even worse now.

The Rays are 8 games below 500. The Red Sox are on a 7-game losing streak that’s caused them to be 6-games below .500 and the Blue Jays are in first place with a freaking 26-22 record.

Usually, I look at the Blue Jays record and think, “man if they were in another division they’d be in the thick of things.” This is not really one of those times because they’d be in 2nd or 3rd place in all the other divisions right now and we’d be talking about how they are “only” however many games back.

It’s good for Blue Jays fans to remind themselves its only May but wow, this is just Bizarre with a capital B.

A small part of me wants the American League East to get its act together sooner rather than later just so I can stop being delusional about the Blue Jays’ chances. However, it would be hilariously awesome if the Blue Jays finally contend for an entire season because everybody else came down to their level.

But hey, whether the mediocrity in the American League East continues or not, the Jays have 14 wins in May with 9 games left to go. To put that into perspective they only had 2 months last season where they won more than 12 games. Then again, mediocrity has its way of finding the Blue Jays as well and there is still a chance that things will start to even themselves out before the month is through.

The AL East is as ripe for the taking as a division can get in May, and is frankly the division the Blue Jays thought they were going to be playing in a season ago. It all comes down to playing consistent baseball, something the Blue Jays and the rest of the division have struggled to do in 2014.

If the division keeps stinking it up and the Jays keep playing some of their best baseball like they have so far this month they could…are you sitting? Brace yourself.

They could take a sizeable lead in the AL East.