AL East Round Up: Everybody Hurts Edition

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“Well, everybody hurts sometimes
Everybody cries
Everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes”- REM

Welcome to this week’s AL East Round Up. Before I begin, I will apologize for putting that song in your head. It’ll be there for a while.

This past week saw a number of players getting banged up, heading to DL, and in the case of one AL East pitcher, showing the signs of his body and age coming together to wreak havoc on his knee. Perhaps injuries are playing the biggest role in why this division remains so close.

Despite everyone saying it can’t last, all 5 teams are staying within striking distance of winning the division. It is going to make for exciting baseball all year if it continues.


Baltimore Orioles- 22-19
New York Yankees- 22-19
Toronto Blue Jays- 23-21 (0.5GB)
Boston Red Sox- 20-22 (2.5 GB)
Tampa Bay Rays- 19-25 (4.5 GB)