Blue Jays Schedule Getting “Rough”


From now until June 9th the Toronto Blue Jays only have one series with a team that wasn’t in the playoffs last year.

And yes my stupid self just realized the Indians were in the playoffs last year so this post is a series late.

The reason I put “rough” in quotations in the title of this post is because at least half the teams aren’t living up to their reputation so far this season.

First the Jays play the Rangers who technically didn’t make the playoffs last year but they played the Rays in an extra game to see who would win the second wild card spot so that’s close enough. And hey, they made the playoffs the previous three seasons so I think you can still count them as a playoff team. Although the Rangers kind of didn’t deserve to even contend that long last year since they had 10+ plus wins against the Astros. And the Rangers have a bad 20-21 record right now. But hey, Darvish is starting tonight and you can’t mess with their lineup in their ballpark.

Then the Jays take on the reigning World Series champion Red Sox at Fenway. The Red Sox are also off to a slow start at 20-20 but I think every Jays fan knows better than to take them lightly just cause they’re off to a slow start.

Then the Jays come home to play Oakland who are actually playing like a playoff team with a 25-16 record despite the fact that they’ve had numerous injuries to their starting rotation. A team being good even with injuries, imagine that!

Then the Rays come to Toronto who are off to the worst start of any of these teams that the Jays see in this stretch that were in the playoffs last year with a 18-24 record. But the way the Rays have owned the Jays the last 7 years the Rays could be 0-42 right now and the Jays would still have their handful with them.

After the Jays play the Royals they go to Detroit to play the Tigers for 3 games. Like the A’s the Tigers are actually playing like a playoff team with a 24-12 record.

Then the Jays come back home for a series against the team the Red Sox beat in the World Series, the Cardinals. But the Cardinals are also off to a slow start at 21-20. But they’re the Cardinals.

Looking at the standings you wouldn’t know the Jays schedule is rough for the next little while. But if you want to go off teams reputations the next 3 weeks are going to be a grind.