AL East Round Up: Easter Bunny Edition

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Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Easter! Hopefully, the Easter Bunny found you all safe and sound as he left little treats for you to hunt for. Let’s take a look at the droppings left behind over the last week as teams hunt for the AL East Division lead. As of Saturday morning, the Blue Jays stand tied with the New York Yankees for first! Yet, only 2 games separate first and last. It’s going to be a tight race, methinks.

The Toronto Blue Jays started out on a road trip in Baltimore and then continued on to battle AL Central opponents. Meanwhile, the rest of the East was left to beat each other up a bit.


NY Yankees- (10-8)

Toronto Blue Jays- (10-8)

Tampa Bay Rays- (9-9)  1BG

Baltimore Orioles- (8-8) 1GB

Boston Red Sox- (8-10) 2GB

*Author’s note: Previously, I’ve used the “celebratory butt pat” to recognize awesomeness. Hence forth, it will be known as the “Brett Lawrie Celebratory High Five”.