Toronto Blue Jays Morning Brew: Watching Mr. Brandon Morrow Edition


Feb 21, 2014; Dunedin, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Brandon Morrow (23) jogs before the Blue Jays work out at the Bobby Mattick Training Center. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Ughh, it’s Monday folks, but at least we can start your week off with some quality links to get you caught up on your beloved Toronto Blue jays. At the very least, it sure beats dwelling on a spring loss.

How about we start with Gregor Chisholm at, who has an fantastic conversation with new Blue Jays hitting coach Kevin Seitzer. The two touch on a number of issues, but the initial points of the conversation hit on Ryan Goins and the work the two are putting forward to make him a better hitter. The first impressions from Seitzer are solid as well, as he sees Goins as a .300 hitter when he reaches his ceiling, something the Blue Jays would be very happy with.

Speaking of guys working on things in camp, John Lott of the National Post checks in on Ricky Romero. Romero is still trying to rebuild his confidence and has a mindset to do so by focusing on the little things that go writer instead of dwelling on the hiccups, as he’s done in the past. One interesting tidbit was that Romero underwent stem cell treatment to address his knees which apparently remained a problem in 2013.

There are other pitchers in camp that injuries are a concern for as well, as Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun relays. The Blue Jays are keeping a close eye on Brandon Morrow, as most anyone who follows the team is, as Morrow is a key to the 2014 rotation. However, manager John Gibbons is tempering expectations, noting that with all his injuries in the past, the Blue Jays don’t feel they can get 200 innings out of Morrow. I’d take 150 out of him at this stage, but this just doesn’t sound like something you want to hear your manager say.

Over at TSN, Scott MacArthur notes that while the Blue Jays have been quiet this winter, there could still be a move forthcoming. Specifically, MacArthur notes that with the crowd in the bullpen, the Blue Jays could re-initiate trade talks to move a reliever as camp wears on. In particular, MacArthur notes that Sergio Santos could go back on the block, as he was nearly traded this winter.

One other pitcher that could be affected by a bullpen move is Jeremy Jeffress, who is out of options and is part of the crowded pen, as Richard Griffin notes at The Star. At 26-years-old, and coming off of a strong developmental year, both in the minors and the majors, the Blue Jays are unlikely to be able to sneak Jeffress through waivers again, so he either becomes part of the bullpen picture or he becomes trade fodder. With his seizures behind him, the Blue Jays are hoping he makes the team, but with stronger options, he may be the odd man out.