Jays Need Full Lineup As Much As Possible In Spring Training


Feb 21, 2014; Dunedin, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays second baseman Maicer Izturis (3), center, talks with shortstop Jose Reyes (7), right, and outfielder Ricardo Nanita , left, as the Blue Jays work out at the Bobby Mattick Training Center. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY SportsNow usually when a sports blogger, media or fan talks about what their favorite team has to do they just have an opinion so they have something to talk about.

But this is real.

I need to find the Toronto Blue Jays email and tell them to use their regular season day lineups as much as possible in spring training.

The Blue Jays happen to be doing that today so if anything I could just be jinxing it.

Here’s todays lineup

1. Jose reyes (S) SS
2. Melky Cabrera (S) LF
3. Jose Bautista (R) RF
4. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 1B
5. Adam Lind (L) DH
6. Brett Lawrie (R) 3B
7. Colby Rasmus (L) CF
8. Dioner Navarro (S) C
9. Ryan Goins (L) 2B

At first glance you’re already thinking dammit Gibbons shouldn’t Melky and Rasmus switch spots. But Melky was out a long time last season so he probably needs the bats more than Rasmus.

Lind getting more at bats than Lawrie and Rasmus is something I’ve been stewing over for years.

Now back to using the regular season lineup as much as possible in spring training.

Yes this is the same Toronto Blue Jays team that can’t stay healthy for 2 weeks during the regular season and that’s probably being generous but in a sick way the earlier a guy gets injured the more time you have to look for a replacement.

The main reason to play the regular lineup is to get everyone as much at bats as possible so there ready to go in the regular season.

Between the Jays not doing that last year and the World Baseball Classic it took players a while to get going in the regular season.

There’s been way to many times in the last few years were the Jays offense has stumbled hard out of the gate in April and sometimes May.

Some people argue that if the team plays a lot in spring training they’ll be tired in September. Well guess what, I’d rather have a tired team in September that’s fighting for a playoff spot then an energetic team that’s out of contention in late freakin July.

I’m not arrogant enough to say that if the Blue Jays use their regular season lineup regularly during spring training they’ll be good during the regular season.

But if I ever wanted to give it a chance now would be the time.