Scott Boras makes sales pitch to Toronto Blue Jays on The Fan 590


H.Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning, baseball super agent Scott Boras spoke with host Jeff Blair on The Fan 590 to help explain his recent comments about the Toronto Blue Jays. Full audio can be found here.

I promised earlier today we wouldn’t be writing anything further about Boras’ comments but much like the Blue Jays organization, I’ve since changed my mind.

First of all, Boras clarified that he wasn’t necessarily calling the club’s owner Rogers “cheap” but rather they have a “rare opportunity” to improve without sacrificing a first round pick. He calls them “one of the top seven or eight franchises in baseball” but then takes a light jab when he says they “should create, annually, one of the top competitive teams in the game”, which is something the Blue Jays have clearly not been able to do.

He adds “what I was talking about corporate stop sign, was that you don’t look at your annual payroll when you have this opportunity” and hints the hole at second base should be filled through free agency and should also go out and get a right-handed bat. Shockingly, he mentions his own clients and says “a great hitter like a Kendrys Morales or a great player like Stephen Drew” could be added by the Blue Jays due to the team’s lack of long-term financial commitments.

When asked if Drew would play second base, Boras said “he would play second base if a club came and made the position a long-term one for him.” He says that the Blue Jays are one of the teams that are “attractive” to his clients and says his statement was “complimentary” about the position the Jays are in. He wraps up by telling us the Blue Jays should spend some of their money now and he’s okay with being creative to make it happen.

Out of the two, Drew is the much better fit for Toronto but Jays’ GM Alex Anthopoulos recently said he’s looking for a “long-term answer” at the position, which would ideally be a younger player possibly acquired through the trade market. I think everyone was expecting the Blue Jays to spend more than they did this winter but I think it’s highly unlikely they will choose to use any remaining funds on a Scott Boras client.