Adam Lind a Pirate…Well Almost


Jul 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Adam Lind (26) rounds the bases on a solo home run against the Oakland Athletics during the fifth inning at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I came across this post  on today about the Pirates still looking for a 1st baseman. That’s when I remember way back in December (I know it was only 2 months ago) rumors about Adam Lind and the Pittsburgh Pirates were swirling around. I was all set on starting a post about how using Adam Lind at DH was a mishandling of both the DH spot and resources, but Instead thought taking a minute to revisit why Toronto and Pittsburgh would make ideal trade partners or at least have some fun playing “I’ll trade you my guy for your guy” game and who know maybe revisiting it will allow it to propagate into something.

In December it was reported the Pirates were in need of a 1st baseman….not just any 1st baseman, but a left-handed hitting 1st baseman. Well what do you know, we just so happen to have one of those and at a team friendly contract to boot. At the time James Loney, Ike Davis, Mark Trumbo, Mitch Moreland, Logan Morrison, and our Adam Lind were all on the Pirates radar.

Well since then James Loney has re-signed with Tampa Bay (don’t call me a devil) Rays. Mark Trumbo Logan Morrison have since been traded to Arizona and Seattle respectively. That leaves Mitch Moreland Ike Davis, and Adam Lind as the lone survivors (good movie by the way) from the December rumors.

With Texas acquiring Prince Fielder, Mitch Moreland seems to be a good fit; however, the Pirates acquired Chris McGuiness from Texas at the end of December. If a trade for Moreland was going to happen I think it would have happened at that time.  Since it didn’t I don’t think it will, so let us move on.

The Mets openly shopped their first basemen this offseason.

"“Rumors swirled throughout December and the winter meetings that one of them would get dealt, with multiple reporters claiming the Mets preferred Duda. Ike Davis has the high ceiling and massive power that could change a team’s fortunes, but he also has the ability to be a major liability.There were times last season when having Davis in the lineup was basically giving the opposing team an out. And, considering the fact that power is his calling card, the fact that he had only nine home runs to go along with a 26.8 strikeout percentage is concerning”"

Also from this article is that Ike Davis, not Turner, has the edge over Duda to start the year at first. Coming off a very disappointing year Davis’ value would be super low, but at the same time would YOU want to trade for a guy that struggled that much…I wouldn’t.

Enter Adam Lind. Let’s state the obvious right out the gate….Adam’s major league career has been somewhat of a rollercoaster or trial and tribulations. Trading Lind after a solid season would make sense, but asking for too much would not make sense. According to Shi Davidi Alex asked for Neil Walker, who would be a serious upgrade over the guys that manned 2nd base last year (nothing against Ryan Goins). Was the asking price too? Maybe.  Alex is all about adding depth right, so why won’t he try to get Travis’ brother Chase d’Arnaud (just kidding), or Jordy Mercer, or even Josh Harrison. Being able to have one or two of these guys included in any deal for Adam Lind would be a good deal.  Adam Lind is what he is.  What is he? He is a one-dimensional DH type that everytime he plays too many games at 1st base he gets back issues.

I am not a GM but if I could trade a player that is coming off a really good year, but who I know could just as easily turn in a poor performance in 2014. I trade him and get as much value as possible.  It isn’t like we don’t have other DH options: Melky Cabrera, Moises Sierra, Edwin Encarnacion, or we could even sign Kendrys Morales (I won’t but it is an option).

What about Lind’s inability to hit LHP? As fate would have it the Pirates just so happen to have a guy by the name of Gabe Sanchez who plays 1st base that can hit LHP.  A perfect fit if I do say so myself.

Hey Mr. Robert Nutting if you are serious about taking another run in 2014 you should give Alex another chance…there is a deal here.