Toronto Blue Jays Get New Hat From New Era for 2014 Season


Something new is coming to the Toronto Blue Jays, but it isn’t the big ticket item we were all hoping for just yet. According to Mike Oz at Yahoo Sports, the Blue Jays will see a new hat from the folks at New Era this season. It looks a little something like this:

This hat, part of the New Era Diamond Era Collection, replaces the existing alternate cap, which was Blue with a red maple leaf. The new hat, as seen, is completely red with a maple leaf outlined in white. The colors now completely cater toward the Canadian national colors.

Unfortunately, the new Diamond Era design will not be ready for fans until the start of Spring Training, meaning New Era may fully miss the boat on getting fans trying to flout some national pride during the Winter Olympics.

Personally, I love the hat, as it is a stark departure from the previous model but still captures the spirit of the team. It is still likely to sport the team logo on the back, just above the MLB “batterman” logo, so there should be no confusion as to which team you’re supporting.

So Blue Jays fans, will you be picking up the new model? How do you feel about the change?