Blue Jays Colby Rasmus Told To Prepare For Trade


Jul 31, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Colby Rasmus (28) hits a two run RBI single against the Oakland Athletics during the tenth inning at Coliseum. The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Oakland Athletics 5-2. Mandatory Credit: L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In what seemed like a fairly innocuous tweet from the Toronto Blue Jays, the team announced that Colby Rasmus would be missing the upcoming Blue Jays Winter Tour due to a “scheduling conflict”. That of course lead to further speculation as to whether there was another reason why Rasmus wasn’t going to make the event.

And what better source to ask than Colby’s dad himself, Tony Rasmus.

Ok, all seems good here, nothing to be concerned about. But wait, there’s still more.

Wait, what? Of course, this still remains speculation of sorts and nothing has been indicated as imminent, but wow.

Now we know that Colby Rasmus’ name has come up a few times over the course of the winter, including a point where Rasmus has apparently been floated in offers to at least two teams in exchange for starting pitching. With Tony’s revelations earlier this morning, it would seem to suggest that the Blue Jays are still entertaining the idea of moving Colby.

That would seem to be a dangerous game to be playing, unless you can assure that you are not only getting a pitcher in return, but also an outfielder to build around as well. As we discussed just before Christmas, the Blue Jays future situation in the outfield is nothing to be confident in, and that perhaps the best option would be to extend Rasmus at this stage. Relying on Anthony Gose as your primary center fielder in 2014 is not on anyone’s wish-list for this offseason.

Today’s news would seem to indicate a different form of thinking on the part of the front office, who could be looking to capitalize on Colby’s break-out 2013 season, where he was almost a 5-win player before injuries finished his season. With his impending free agency at the end of the 2014 season, the Blue Jays could simply be weighing their possible returns in trade, which would likely be of higher value than the draft pick compensation next winter.

Still, trading Colby for pitching would be a dangerous trade to make, as it opens up another hole that needs to be filled. Building a package around Rasmus with prospects for a pitcher and an outfielder becomes a bit more reasonable, but then we get into the role of trading top pitching prospects again, something many fans are hesitant to see happen again this winter.

What say you Blue Jays nation? Do the Blue Jays find a trade partner for Colby Rasmus? If so, are you comfortable with the idea?


After much debate, there has been some elaboration on part of Mr. Rasmus (h/t CashGameND):