Complete History Of The Blue Jays Rule 5 Draft


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We are on the heels of Thursday’s Rule 5 draft, and the Blue Jays have an open spot for selection thanks to going to Korea.

Now is a good time to look back and see how the Blue Jays have done in the Rule 5 over the years. Here is a list of selections for the Major League portion of the draft, sourced from Note that these are only selections, and in some cases the player returned to their previous team per the rules of the draft.

While most of the names are forgettable, there are a few that are very important to the history of the Blue Jays.


Selected:  1B/OF & Andy Dyes OF

A solid first ever pick in the Rule 5, became the Jays regular first baseman in the early 80s. His best season was in 1983 where he hit .306 with 27 home runs.


Selected: C &   OF


Selected: 3B/OF


Selected: OF & C

Here’s proof that these drafts matter. went from Rule 5 selection taken from the Phillies, to 1987 AL MVP, to the Level of Excellence. It’s difficult to imagine the early Jays years without George Bell included.


Selected: P & Anthony Johnson OF

Lost: INF & Ramon Lora C


Selected: P & Mercedes Esquer P

ended up being a steady reliever for the Jays, being a part of the ’85, ’89, and ’91 teams that won the AL East. Following the draft, he played with the Jays until ’86, and returned again ’89.


Selected: INF & Terry Cormack C

Lost:  P

might be the biggest Blue Jay fan-favourite in history, and if not for the Rule 5 selection, there would be no 1992 World Series triple play. (Well, sort of). A pick that helps you win a World Series is about as good as you can do.


Selected: INF & Louis Thornton Jr. OF

Lost:  P

Manny Lee may not have been at the same Hall of Fame level caliber as , but he was still an important part of that middle infield during the early 90s. Lee is another Rule 5 champion.


Selected: Jose DeJesus P


Selected: P

Lost: P & P


Lost: P & Santiago Garcia INF


Lost: Colin McLaughlin P, Eric Yielding INF, P, C & OF

Geronimo Berroa is the biggest loss of the list for ’88. A career .276 hitter, he had a bright season with Oakland in ’96, hitting for .290 with 36 home runs.


Lost: P, Sil Camusano OF & Francis Hernandez P


Selected: Rickey Rhodes P

Rhodes never made it to the major league roster, and as a result, returned to the Yankees, never becoming a major leaguer.


Lost: Jesse Cross P


Lost: P

was a 6’8″ specialist reliever. Though the Jays lost him to Rule 5, he ended up back with the Jays as part of the trade to the Yankees for .


Lost: 1B


Lost: SS, 3B, OF

Not to be confused with the pitcher of the same name, topped out with one season with the Pirates hitting .256 in 1998, and was worse the following year.


Selected: Carey Paige P


Lost: P & P


Selected: OF


No Major League Moves


Selected : DeWayne Wise OF

Lost: P & P

DeWayne Wise didn’t do much for the Jays when he was selected from the Reds in the 1995 Rule 5 draft. He had a handful of appearances over a few seasons, but struggled to maintain an adequate batting average. The Jays let him test free agency following the 2003 season, and he signed with the Braves. After bouncing around a bit, the Jays signed him in 2010. He was called upon a few times to fill injury holes.


Lost: 1B & Rendy Espina P


Selected: P


Selected: P, P, P

Lost: P


Selected: Talley Haines P


Lost: OF


Lost: P & P


Selected: SS


Selected: P

pitched only one inning for the Jays, and despite it being scoreless, he was designated for assignment. After joining the Cubs, his ERA climbed from year-to-year.


No Major League Moves


Selected: P


Lost: 2B

After being selected by the Mets, Emaus did not make the entire season on the major league roster and as a result, returned to the Jays. The Jays immediately traded Emaus to the Rockies for Chris Malone.


No Major League Moves


No Major League Moves

While it’s noted that the Jays made no picks during the MLB rounds of the last two drafts, there’s always the chance that the minor league moves turn out beneficial.

Overall, the Jays have been one of the more successful teams within the Rule 5 draft over the years. With the open spot this year, there are possibilities. This current Jays team could really use a Bell, a Lee, an Upshaw, or a Gruber.

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