AL East Round-Up


Where will this man land?  Bigger question?  Why are they going to overpay him?  Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

I like Jhonny Peralta.  I think he’s a swell guy.  From the moment he stepped foot onto the fine meadows of Cleveland’s Jacobs Field in 2003 (now Progressive Field), he’s been told his ceiling isn’t very high.  He’s been told his range for a SS is abysmal.  He’s been told he can’t consistently.  Ok, well, maybe he hasn’t been told, but I’ve certainly read about this stuff.  He’s seemingly overcome most of that.  This has turned Peralta into a hot commodity, despite having been suspended for PEDs.  Practically every team in the AL East has been connected to him (Boston and New York are considered the whores of baseball and every valuable player seems to be tied to them).  So, LET’S DO THIS!

BALTIMORE ORIOLES: Surprise, surprise, we start with Jhonny Peralta. According to’s Jon Moresi, the Orioles are interested in Peralta. “To play 3B while Machado’s out right!?!” No Orioles-fan-voice-in-my-head, not for the infield at all. The belief is Baltimore wants Peralta in LF. The belief is Manny Machado will be ready for Opening Day 2014. Signing Peralta would maybe sure up the “slight” LF problem (I’ve been corrected on this issue once before) the Orioles have had for years, filling it with the likes of Nolan Reimold, Felix Pie, Luke “Great Scott! Anywhere but the field!”, among many other blasts from seasons’ past. Doc Brown jokes aside, the Orioles need a solution for LF and signing Peralta does make a difference, plus gives them an insurance plan in the event J.J. Hardy takes a digger onto the DL or Machado isn’t as ready to play as shown in said article above.

NEW YORK YANKEES: So after you drudge through all of the BS out there on how Alex Rodriguez hates the Yankees/loves the Yankees/hates the Yankees

(Yea, that doesn’t look glamourous, but it gets the point across) and you wade through Robinson Cano wants $300M but will sign for less stuff, you finally get to this guy the Yankees are interested in. His name is… Jhonny Peralta. In terms of positions, this may make more sense. Derek Jeter has been re-signed to play SS, but you saw what last season was like for him. A-Roid’s future is up in the air and the Yankees may need a replacement. There is also an unsettled outfield situation. Much like Baltimore, NYY loves Peralta’s versatility and have expressed interest in the man that was willing to admit wrong doing and sit out his suspension.

TAMPA BAY RAYS: The Rays have not expressed interest in Peralta yet… but it’s still early! In the meantime, according to Marco Panasci from (I know, bare with me here on the list of obscure websites), Corey Hart may be in play in Tampa Bay. The Rays are believed to be one of a handful of teams looking to test him out once it expected of doctors to clear him on Dec.3. Good thing the Rays have two weeks to figure it out, because they’re still debating on dealing David Price and trying to negotiate a new stadium deal with St.Petersburg and Tampa. This has been an ongoing thing for about three to four years now, so Rays fans don’t hold your breath… there will only be four or five of the 20 fans left. Yea, that’s a BURN

BOSTON RED SOX: The Red Sox are interested in the following people: Anybody that can play Catcher and Shortstop not named Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Ryan Lavarnway, or Stephen Drew. Oh yea! And anybody that can smash a baseball with a toothpick. Seriously, I have heard more rumours as to who’s coming to play catcher in Boston than I can stand. Brian McCann, Carlos Ruiz, Jason Castro, Tony Pena, Carlton Fisk… you get the point. In all seriousness, the Red Sox are actually even considering bringing back Salty after the Phillies got scared of Boston and offered Ruiz a 3-year deal (most teams have only offered Ruiz 2-year deals). I know it’s my job to tell you what the Boston rumours are, but seriously, I feel bad for the guy that has to keep track of the Boston Red Sox on They better give that guy assistance STAT!


According to multiple reports, McCann has agreed to a five-year deal worth $85 million with the New York Yankees, which also includes a vesting option for a sixth season (h/t ESPN).

Jerry Crasnick, also of ESPN, has indicated the St. Louis Cardinals have agreed to a four-year $52 million contract with Peralta.