Blue Jays Morning Brew: The ship may not be sinking but is it steering?

By Editorial Staff

We’ll start off today’s morning brew I want to point you all in the direction of an excellent story over at DJF. What begins as a post about Maicer Izturis becomes a much more in depth look at how the front office has behaved an awful lot like a chicken (or Blue Jay) with it’s head cut off. For all the shrewd maneuvers to get draft picks and dump bloated contract there is starting to be an underlying sense that this team might not really know what they’re doing or planning to do. And also at DJF you can see a new way to be annoyed with J.P. Arencibia who has made it more difficult for people to label his disaster of a season.

Elsewhere Jeff Blair talks about how AA must be careful not to hurt the feelings of recently eliminated teams when he calls to inquire about players. He goes on about some pipe dream involving the Jays being able to trade for David Price from the division rival Rays. I can’t help but imagine that phone call ending with anything besides AA being told “The price is wrong” with the emphatic use of Jess Pinkman’s favourite word at the end of the sentence.

In more David Price related new Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun talks about the Rays struggles with attendance and the impending need to deal their Cy Young winning left hander, then there’s some dribble about baseball going back to Montreal again due to lack of success in Tampa.

Over at Michael Grange has some stuff about Jay’s fans missing the magic of the post season as well as some comments AA made on the coaching changes while he was on Prime Time Sports. The story also has what no Blue Jay’s news item is complete without, thoughts from Tony Rasmus on Mottoloa’s dismissal. Shi Davidi also has some interesting stuff regarding the Mottola firing.

At The Star Richard Griffin examines what the clubs future plans for Josh Johnson after he put in a disappointing injury riddled 2013 season with the Jays making it a much more difficult decision for the club when it comes to what to do with him moving forward.

And while not entirely Jays related since we all know the importance of a good manager, the Yankess have signed Joe Girardi too a four year extension longer than any deal given to his predecessor Joe Torre. Theres more details on it over at