Toronto Blue Jays Afternoon Brew: Root Causes and GIF Greatness


Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Brett Cecil (27) and catcher J.P. Arencibia (9) at Target Field. Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Today was one of those days the drive-thru line at Tim Horton’s was too busy and we didn’t feel like waiting, so we skipped the Blue Jays Morning Brew in favour of player reviews of Adam Lind and J.A. Happ. But it’s Friday so if you need something to get you through your afternoon here you go. It was a fairly light news day for the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday so we are working with slightly slim pickings here.

Bluebird Banter asks what to do you do with Colby Rasmus? The Blue Jays have a couple of options – they can trade him, sign him to multi-year extension or work out a one-year deal with him in this his final year of arbitration. Not to spoil the poll results but the overwhelming majority of BBB readers (76%) think that the Jays should extend Rasmus.

Richard Griffin at the Star says that starting pitching isn’t the root of the Jays issues – it’s their weakness at catcher. Bluebird Banter responds about as well as any of as could.

"Nope, I’m pretty sure the root of the problem this season was the starting rotation and their second last 4.81 ERA. It really didn’t matter much who was catching the pitches behind the plate as they didn’t get there very often. – jays182, Bluebird Banter"

The Blue Jay Hunter gives us GIFs of Brett Lawrie‘s Top 10 defensive gems.

Blue Jays Plus did a podcast. I haven’t had time to listen yet but it’s always enjoyable listening to the guys talk baseball at BJP. (Warning: May include language that we don’t use on this site.)

Vote for your favourite Blue Jays farm players at the 2013 MiLBYs. Jay Blue provides a preview over at Blue Jays From Away of the minor league players within the organization who are up for awards.

And the MLB Fan Cave is looking for 2014 applicants. If you are the rah-rah type and love baseball then this is the opportunity for you.