Toronto Blue Jays – Draftboard Update – 23/09


We have a winner.  Bud Selig will be asking the Houston Astros to get off their duff and make the first overall pick for the third year running:

Oddly enough, while the Astros (I suppose it could be worse than being a Jays fan) were getting their asses handed to them by the Rangers, the Marlins were able to increase their lead and go on to defeat the Phillies 4-0.  Which does not suit Toronto as well.

Sep 23, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia (9) is congratulated by left fielder Kevin Pillar (22) for hitting a home run against the Chicago White Sox during the fifth inning at U.S Cellular Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers did manage to pull out a victory, while the Padres also did the Blue Birds a favour by coming from behind to down the Diamondbacks.

By the by, with the Mets and Jays still tied according to winning percentage, regular reader Jean Francois was right to point out that the Jays hold (is that correct terminology in a backward race) the tiebreaker, so I’ve flipped them:

Kinda makes for slightly better reading I suppose….Gooooo Brewers:

(note: I haven’t updated Seattle’s record as game isn’t finished with the Royals, it’s past my bedtime, and doesn’t really matter anyway)