Jays Schedule Easing Up For Couple Weeks


Aug 27, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Kansas City Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar (2), center fielder Jarrod Dyson (1) and second baseman Chris Getz (17) celebrate after scoring runs in the eighth inning against the Minnesota Twins Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY SportsFor the next 2 weeks the Toronto Blue Jays might spoil their fan base by doing this thing called “win-ning”.

It would be very Blue Jays to troll some of their fans by winning enough meaningless games to not get a higher draft pick but that’s not the reason they might start getting some W’s.

The Jays might start piling up some wins over the next 2 weeks because the Jays schedule is getting soft for the next 4 series as the Jays play nothing but bad or mediocre teams.

Although with the Blue Jays 60-74 record a Jays fan calling another team soft is probably the pot calling the kettle black.

If you’re a fan of another team and there playing the Jays, you’re not exactly shaking in your boots.

But with the AL East and the American League at large being very good this year playing no powerhouse team for an extended period of time has been rare for the Jays this season.

First the Jays get a 3 game series with the Royals in Toronto. The Royals are a mere 69-64, which is pretty bad when you get to play so many games against the Twins and White Sox in the AL Central.

The Jays are also sending Buehrle, Dickey and Happ against the Royals.

The Royals also have that Emilio Bonifacio guy hitting 2nd! EVERY DAY!

Then it’s a 3 game series in Arizona against the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are a mere 68-64, which is even more misleading then the Royals decent record because they get to play 3 bad teams in the NL West on a regular basis with the Rockies, Padres and Giants all stinking it up this season.

Then it’s a 3 game series in Minnesota against the Twins. The Twins are 57-75 and there not underperforming either. Encarnacion and Bautista if he’s back by then are both also known to have there way with the Twins at Target Field which will help the Jays win, although playing the Twins kind of does that itself.

Then the Jays host the Angels. The Angels are 60-72, which is really really bad considering they get to play so many games against the Mariners and Astros in the AL West.

But unlike the Twins and Royals the Angels actually won there series against the Jays earlier this season. But this time the games are in Toronto and the Angels don’t have Albert Pujols for the rest of the year.

I think we know enough about the 2013 Blue Jays to know we can’t count on more wins in the next 2 weeks just because the schedule’s softer.

But the games should at the very least be more competitive and winnable.