Let’s Try This Again


Aug 25, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; New York Yankees center fielder Brett Gardner (11), right fielder Curtis Granderson (14), right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (31) congratulated each other after they beat the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsLast week I wrote that the Toronto Blue Jays must keep the Yankees contention because at the time they still had 10 more games against the Yankees and were already 1-8 against them this season.

Apparently what the Jays heard was let’s give the Yankees a safe ride to contention while paying for the gas and let’s give the Yankees our credit card so they can have a good time while in contention.

The Yankees were on the outside looking in at the playoff race before there series against the Jays, 6 games back of a wild card spot.

But thanks in part to the Yankees free 4 wins to the Jays last week the Yankees are just 3.5 games back of a wild card spot now.

So the Jays failed and the Yankees are back in contention.

At this rate if the Yankees make the playoffs the Jays should get a cut of their playoff money.

But the Jays still play a role in deciding if the Yankees make the playoffs with 6 more games to go at Rogers Centre.

Although by the time they play in September it may not matter anymore.

So this series is important.

And this is bigger than just trying to keep the Yankees out of the playoffs.

The Jays are 1-12 against the Yankees this season!

I’m a homer and I’ll make excuses for the Jays all day but 1-12 against the Yankees is just flat out unacceptable. I don’t care how many players have injuries or are having down seasons that’s just pathetic.

Even the Astro’s are 2-14 in 16 games against the Rangers. So if the Jays can’t even win 1 game in this series they’ll be more pathetic than the Astro’s.

Although losing a series to them kind of does that anyway!

And it’s not going to get any easier.

Now the Jays don’t have Jose Bautista and the Yankees are getting Jeter back!

In the first game it’s Phil Hughes against R.A. Dickey.

If memory serves me correctly Hughes always has problems at Rogers Centre. But Dickey also has trouble keeping the ball in the park at Rogers Centre.

And the Yankees pretty much have all there homerun hitters back and healthy.

And we also know Joe Giradi isn’t afraid to pull a starting pitcher out of a game as soon as he gets into trouble, especially in a playoff race. So whatever the Jays can score off Hughes while he’s in there is going to have to stand up because you know the Yankees always have a deep bullpen.

Anything can happen between Happ and Pettite to. And then Todd Redmond vs Big Hurok on Wednesday isn’t even fair for the Jays.

The Jays are also 11.5 games back of the Yankees for 4th place in the AL East. Stranger things have happened (shrugs shoulders).

The Jays 1-12 record against the Yankees doesn’t suggest this series is going to be pretty.

All I can say is the Jays are due some wins against the Yankees with how few they have against them already.