Bloggin’ Blue: Blue Jays Links 7-18-13


May 27, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Thad Weber (51) throws against the Atlanta Braves in the ninth inning at the Rogers Centre. Toronto defeated Atlanta 9-3. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

By now, I’m beginning to wake up from my All-Star Break induced coma and starting to really miss watching meaningful baseball. And if I’m correct, which does happen on occasion, a lot of our readers are starting to feel the same way.

We are anxious to get this second half going, hoping that this Toronto Blue Jays team can find a way to turn things around, that they can dig deep and make this season at least end respectably. After all, we want some reason to believe that this team is capable of playing better baseball this season or, at the very least, next.

But, until those games resume on Friday night, we’re stuck with out imaginations or the imaginations of others. Hence taking a trip through the best of the Blue Jays blogosphere in the interim.

BlueBird Banter: Why Doesn’t Colby Rasmus Ever Attempt To Steal

BBB’s Blake Murphy takes a look at the enigmatic Blue Jays center fielder and discusses how, despite his solid season thus far and his obvious skill set, why Rasmus doesn’t steal more bases, or at the very least attempt to steal more bases. Considering his station in the line-up, where the Jays have struggled to piece together much offense, this is a solid point.

Token Quote:

"After all, Rasmus is fast. At least, he covers a ton of ground in center field, has a quick, long stride and is generally a strong baserunner. FanGraphs Speed Score and Baserunning Runs back this eye test up…" Hayhurst – Blue Jays Not In a Strong Trade Position

Here’s an interesting article from Dirk Hayhurst, in which he states the obvious is the title, that the Blue Jays are not a strong trade partner should the team determine whether to buy or sell. Any notable trade chips the team has, outside of its stellar bullpen, are not going to net any sort of solid piece that could contribute to a turnaround, nor do they have anything outside of said bullpen help that another team may covet.

Token Quote:

"Plus — and I mean this in the most impartial way possible considering the circumstances — his (Arencibia) recent decision to call out the media for criticizing his season will not help garner an interested party concerned about the clubhouse dynamic."

GameReax: Cecil Gives Credit To Clemens For Improved Curve

Want to know why Brett Cecil has been much more effective in 2013? Chris Toman asked Cecil for the answer to that question and got an interesting answer: Roger Clemens. It appears that the former Blue Jays Clemens spotted an interesting flaw in Cecil’s delivery when Brett was in New Hampshire last season playing with Koby Clemens, Roger’s son. After buttoning that up, the rest of the pieces just sort of came together for the All-Star.

Token Quote:

"Cecil’s putaway rate — the amount of two-strike plate appearances ending in a strikeout — of 41.67 percent off his curveball is only surpassed by Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel among all big-league relievers."

Blue Jays From Away: Upcoming Log Jam on the Mound

Our buddy and contributor Jay Blue takes a look at the many Blue Jays pitchers that are on the mend, including J.A. Happ, Sergio Santos, Drew Hutchison, and Kyle Drabek, all of whom were on the 60-day DL. Drabek has already been assigned using an option and Hutchison will likely follow the same suit. However, the team must make a 40-man roster move and our buddy Jay takes a look at the candidates that could lose their roster spots:

Token Quote (and perfectly apt for the Blue Jays in 2013):

"I fully expect the Jays to do none of what I’m talking about and just DFA Todd Redmond when he has a bad start."