So Fitting That Jays Play The Rays Now


Jun 14, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; An overview of Tropicana Field from the field as manager Joe Maddon (70) is in the dugout against the Kansas City Royals at Tropicana Field. Kansas City Royals defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 7-2. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsThe Toronto Blue Jays are the hottest team in baseball right now.

There as hot as any Toronto Blue Jays team in their history tying a record 11 game win streak done only twice previously by the Blue Jays.

The 2013 Blue Jays now have the opportunity to be the hotter than any other Blue Jays team in history by winning a franchise record 12 games in a row.

And the way the Jays have been playing during their current 11 game win streak it seems more than possible.

There’s just one little problem in their way.

To win 12 games in a row there going to have to beat the team they can never beat in the ballpark they can never win in. Captivating television!

Even if you skipped reading the title of this post and haven’t looked at the Jays schedule that description is a dead giveaway that were talking about those annoying Rays.

The Jays haven’t won a series at Tropicana Field since 2007!

Not the most encouraging information in terms of the streak. But this is bigger than the streak as far as I’m concerned. The Jays are trying to finally end their drought at Tropicana Field and now is as great a time as any.

The Blue Jays did beat the Rays in a series at Rogers Center last time they played them. It was the first time they won a series against the Rays since 2010!

So the fact that they’ve already won a series against the Rays this season and swept the Rangers and Orioles during this streak probably tells us this isn’t a typical Blue Jays team.

There’s the bigger picture of course with this series being a battle for 4th place in the AL East with both teams tied for last right now. And I think every Jays fan would take the streak ending in exchange for the Jays winning the last 2 games of the series and finally winning a series at Tropicana Field.

The Rays have been the Jays kryptonite for the last 6 freaking years. Now the Jays are hotter than they’ve ever been during these last 6 years. So it’s fitting that we’ll get to see if there hot enough to finally win a series at Tropicana Field.