Munenori Kawasaki Hits Home Run; Steals Fans’ Hearts


In his short time as a Blue Jay Munenori Kawasaki has managed to create a cult like following of fans through a combination of his infectious personality and just good enough play at shortstop.

I thought I had seen it all from Kawasaki, resigned to the fact that this was likely his last series as a Blue Jay for the near future (unless we get rid of this enraging 8-man bullpen). That was until last night when with yours truly in attendance, Kawasaki tied the game with his first career home run, and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Having moved to Toronto before this season, I’ve attended a lot more Blue Jays games this season than I have in the past, but this was by far the best crowd I’ve been apart of this year (and probably ever) at a Blue Jays game. Kawasaki’s next at-bat when the crowd was serenading him with chants of his name was an awesome moment.

In honour of that absolutely ridiculous moments, let’s take a look back at Kawasaki’s other (hilarious) highlights as a member of the Blue Jays, just because we can.

There was his first go around with being the hero, that led to this epic interview:

And the time that Kawasaki decided to warm up by playing catch with some Blue Jays fans in Chicago

Munenori is always prepared for a game, sometimes through more traditional stretching techniques

Sometimes not

Munenori Kawasaki is one of a kind. If the Blue Jays are unable to keep him on the roster after the return of Jose Reyes (side note: JOSE REYES PLAYS FOR THE BLUE JAYS WOOO) he will be sorely missed not only be his legions of fans, but from what I can ascertain through GIFs and watching on television, his teammates.

Lo Viste Mr. Kawasaki, hopefully you can stick around a little longer.