Jays Have To Finally Man Up Against AL East


September 14, 2011; Boston, MA, USA; The Boston Red Sox standings as displayed on the green monster during the first inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsSo the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays make some franchise altering moves in the offseason.

They become one of many World Series favorites.

They start the season 27-36. Almost everyone counts them out, saying they were overhyped.

Then Jose Bautista hits a game tying homerun in the 9th inning on the road with 2 outs and 2 strikes on him. The Jays win that game in extra innings.

That win propels them to a current 8 game win streak that brings them within reach of a 500 record.

The Jays then begin a 10 game stretch against AL East opponents as their super star shortstop is on the verge of returning soon.

If sports are rigged the people writing the Jays script are making it way to obvious.

Yup we all thought there was no way the Jays would be 35-36 this season but they still have accomplished things this season they wouldn’t have in recent years.

They won a series against the Rays, they swept the Rangers in a 4 game series at the Rangers home ball park and they’re on their longest win streak since there 10 game win streak in 2008.

They just have one big thing they need to check off the legitimate contender list that hasn’t been talked about enough from the offseason to now and that’s finally being able to beat teams in the AL East.

The Jays play almost half their games against the AL East so it’s crucial.

Recent history would suggest they can’t do it which is why they haven’t been in contention for so long. But a little over a week ago the early results of the season suggested they wouldn’t be able to sweep the Rangers or go on an extended win streak.

Luckily for the Jays they haven’t played an AL East opponent since May 26.

They took it advantage of it going 14-7 in that time. But that record looks a lot prettier because of the win streak. Let’s not pretend like the Jays have just been whopping butt and taking names for 3 straight weeks.

The Jays have brought their record up to where it’s no longer bat poop crazy to think they can make the playoffs. If there play lately is any indication they should finally be able to beat AL East teams.

And there’s no reason not to like their chances in this 10 game stretch. The Jays are 11-12 combined against the Orioles, Rays and Red Sox this season. And that was back at the beginning of the season when everyone in the Jays starting rotation was pitching way below their career norms against everyone.

The Jays have Dickey and Johnson going against the Orioles so if they both step up you got to love their chances. The Rays are just 38-35 and haven’t taken off yet this season and the Jays were finally able to beat them in a series last time, although that was in Rogers Centre and not Tropicana. The Jays have also won 8 of their last 9 games at Fenway Park dating back to last season.

Unfortunately the Jays are where they usually are every June. But if the 2013 Blue Jays can finally beat the AL East like there recent play would suggest they can, then they will hopefully not be where they usually are at the end of September.