The Fog of Puns – Blue Jays VS. White Sox Edition


Jun 10, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the fog at Wrigley Field during the first inning of a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s make one thing clear…

….the Blue Jays/White Sox game last night was very foggy.

Following two strong starts that had Jays fans thinking he had finally turned a corner, R.A. Dickey was tagged for 10 hits and 7 earned runs and did not register a single strikeout.

Of course, the conditions were undoubtedly a factor:

One of the most interesting aspects of outdoor baseball is just how vulnerable the game is to weather patterns. Last night’s game – and some others around the league – were one of the strangest I’ve ever witnessed as players were playing in pea soup conditions that @theScore accurately described as being ‘Field of Dreams-esque.’

Courtesy of The Score (@theScore)

It was like an episode of Scooby Doo. With John Gibbons away at this son’s graduation, DeMarlo Hale took the managerial reigns, leaving me suspicious that ol’ man Gibbers would somehow be behind all of this. As is common in the penultimate final act of every episode, Fred and Shaggy (played by Josh Thole and Colby Rasmus) would unmask the ‘ghost’ working the fog machine, discovering it was their own skipper behind the elaborate hoax. He was right under their noses all along!

Well, one mystery Gibbons can be given partial credit for is the return of Adam Lind as the manager is using him more strategically against right-handed pitchers:

With the strange weather, the Twitterverse was abuzz last night, turning every Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox fans into Groucho Marx for the evening.

So let’s cut through the thick of it and list some of the fanbase’s attempts at humour from last night’s game: